What do you thing about that?

As we are surely here because we love automation :slight_smile:
So it works from logic to xr18…

My question:
For RME user ( fireface babyface …etc), is it possible to send from Cantabile cc command to change the snapshot in their Totalmix Fx?
My idea is to send midi messages directly from a timeline programmed in C3.

Thanx for you comments

Simply put, yes. I use bindings to adjust values in TotalMix for BabyFace Pro. Primarily to adjust input levels into Cantabile for when I play flute or sax. I think I experimented with calling up presets in TotalMix.

I used loopMIDI, set up TotalMix to listen to it, and added a MIDI port in C3 called “TotalMix” configured to point output to loopMIDI. Then set up Bindings as documented in the TotalMix manual to control various features.


Same here, I use a Fireface UFXII and control levels of a bunch of output channels for different purpose:

  1. Prepare a personal Inear mix out of signals from cantabile and FOH mixer
  2. Seemless integration of an external hardware effect (Vent). Here lots of bindings from inside cantabile are used in a rack.

Adfitionally I can change scenes in fireface to switch complete routing to a babyface connected by toslink to fireface in case of a crash of my first laptop (hot stanby).

As virtual midi cable I use LoopBe30 but the tool @RackedBrain recommended is very similar and does a pritty good job.

Regards, Volker