Weird timing glitch in bar 5

I have a couple of sequencers running in Cantabile. One of them is running my drums: BabyDrummer (by Rose Hills Tribe).

Every time I get to bar 5 there’s a glitch that knocks BabyDrummer out of time by a 16th.

Same thing at bar 69. Consistent. Odd!

I’m thinking this is more likely a fault with the plug-in than in Cantabile. It des render it useless, though.

If I make sure to only run BabyDrummer’s sequencer once Cantabile is past bar 5 everything stays in sync (until bar 69).

Can anyone else please confirm?

i’m putting this down to BabyDrummer. My other sequencers don’t show this problem. It’s a shame - it’s a great little sequencer.