Weird request - maybe someone has a solution

My main project (at least as far as Cantabile is concerned) is a jazz/fusion/instrumental group. As I’ve mentioned in a few other posts, the Cantabile setups are very complicated as I’m often covering multiple parts that were originally overdubbed (such is the fate of a keyboardist).

So here’s my current challenge (and one that isn’t confined to this one tune, but I think if I can fix it once, I can use it in other examples).
In Birdland (Weather Report), there is a chromatic downward line of parallel diminished chords that repeats (sax solo over the top).

The last time through the phrase the horn/sax patch fades (and only the piano is left). I’d like to trigger an automated fade somehow would be ideal - especially if I can start the fade process through a control (like a binding with a footswitch or sustain pedal). The fade can be timed - it’s not ultra critical to be exact.

Note that I’m trying to simplify things as I’m trying to solo over this downward line (which I’ve put together so I can play it with one note per chord - Joe Zawinul I’m not (nor is anyone else I know :slight_smile: ). I’m thinking trying to manage this with a volume pedal will throw me over the edge.

Any ideas?

Quick idea: what about a midi file only having controller data on board representing the fading process (f.e. Cc7 or Cc11) mapped to volume control (or gain?) of the instruments you want to fade out?

Putting the file into a media player and creating a binding to a foot controller to trigger media player should do the trick…

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Have a look at this thread:

I have written a script for ReaJS that allows you to automatically fade between controller values. I combine this witb song states sending controller values to automate fade-outs, fade-ins or crossfades - or simply to smooth transitions between song parts.

Give it a try!



I love that part of Birdland - but I’ve never had to play both the chord sequence AND the soloing at the same time. I usually had both hands free to really fatten up those chords. So no need to fiddle with single-note chords here - we had a real-life sax player to do the soloing.

But the climax of the performance usually came AFTER the chord sequence: we brought out a 4 meters long Alphorn and our horn player soloed on that one - I’d never before heard 16th notes on an Alphorn :astonished:


Those were the days…

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Sounds like a killer show!

Did the Alphorns cure everyone at the gigs sore throats ?

Thanks for the ideas - I’ll give them a try and see what I can make work.

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