Webserver update?

I can’t see much recent discussion about the webserver … forgive me if I can’t find it.

I’ve tinkered with this before, but I think it’s time to take it more seriously. :roll_eyes:
I’d like to ditch the laptop live and use a NUC. I think the webserver would be an excellent simple way to drive it but there are a couple of additional things I’d need to make that work.
A gig is about performance, so I don’t play with anything live, other than changing states in a song, currently I do with a cheap ‘Worlde EasyControl9’ which sits just above my piano keys.
You can get them from China for next to nothing.
It has been bulletproof for me so far, although the software is a bit slow and clunky. But you only need to set it up once.
I’ll probably keep using it for that task, but also need the webserver on my Android phone to do anything else.

I’d usually be loading a ‘Cantabile Set List’ for each band set, so …
1 The ability to choose a setlist from the GUI.

There are always times when you’d need to play something not on the setlist of course, so …
2 The ability to edit the current setlist from the GUI.
(I guess that could also incorporate an option to create a setlist from scratch, if that’s do-able)

Brad helped me with an AutoHotKey Script to close Cantabile nicely, and Shutdown the NUC.
Maybe Shutdown and ReBoot could also be included if others think that’s useable too.

Everyone works differently, so others will probably have different requirements, but the key would be keeping the GUI as simple as possible with the minimum number of options.
Does this sound sensible to anyone else? and … would these things be do-able easily?
Maybe something like this?

It would be worth looking at Stream Deck for control. With that on hand, and with it providing feedback, I have less need to see my laptop’s screen. if I was planning a NUC it’s the first thing I would add.

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My approach to this is a bit different, since I use LivePrompter as my main control for gigs:

  • I always have an “all songs” setlist loaded in Cantabile
  • for managing playlists and loading songs, I use LivePrompter, linked to my Cantabile PC via MIDI (Windows version of LivePrompter) or (on Android) via the Network API (sits underneath Cantabile’s web server)
  • Cantabile will automatically load the correct song whenever I change it in LivePrompter - and it will inform me that that’s worked with a friendly pop-up message
  • when I want to play a song outside the current LivePrompter setlist, I simply go to the “search” screen (Android only) and find that song; when I return from the search screen, my setlist is still there.

I rarely look at my Cantabile screen anymore - I have all information I need right in front of me on my LivePrompter tablet.

And if you don’t have space for a full tablet, you could even run LivePrompter on an Android phone…

Sure, this isn’t for everyone, but maybe gives you some ideas…



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Thanks. I had a look at the Stream Deck products once before, but don’t see I’m going to gain much there. I already have a button panel that works fine with Cantabile, admittedly there is no feedback but … the way I look at it, is that if something doesn’t work or load properly etc, I’m not going to have time to fix it on the gig anyway. It’s just play the basic parts live, and hope the next song isn’t a problem!
I’ve had very few problems to date.

Your LivePrompter product looks pretty interesting … good work there :slight_smile:

I started using Cantabile’s Notes for lyrics or quick charts etc with a button on my controller to quickly swap views, and scroll the page etc, but found it better to just take a bit more time to learn things properly instead. A live performance is supposed to be just that, so getting the technology out of the way is best for me.
I don’t like having one big setlist because I can’t pre-load everything. I’ve had errors doing that.
So I prefer to keep individual pre-load sets, and take advantage of the quicker loading time between songs.

I used to program AV systems for a living (Crestron) so I know pretty much anything is possible, but there’s a saying in the programming world … ‘Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should’
This has always served me well, so I figured with the Cantabile Webserver, the raw material is already there and working. No need to add another layer of complexity. Just a tweak here and there.
Maybe I’m wrong about that tho.

Always great to hear how other guys work!

The good thing about Cantabile and “extras” like LivePrompter and SteamDeck is that this is no one solution you are forced into. There is a usually a way to do what you want in a way that suits you, and you can be as simple or as complex as you want :slight_smile:

A few notes on my Korg Kronos touch screen are enough to remind me of certain things (like setting pedal positions at the start of a song), so I have never explored LivePrompter (excellent as I am sure it is) and I have scene buttons on my Yamaha Montage and also my FC300 MIDI foot controller (which is like a swiss army knife) which between them give me enough external control as I need - so no need for SteamDeck in my case - although I do like idea of the feedback it could provide.

The one thing I have learnt with Cantabile is that if you wish to do something there is a way to do it.

Stream Deck has been my stage companion for years - never had a single problem with it. The buttons are only half of it. Since it displays current Song/State/tempo and my cues it’s almost like a screen. In many instances I could live with SD as my only display.

That said I do understand the desire to reduce the gear count, but I wouldn’t discount SD for fear of reliability.

Thanks Elf … could you post a picture of you’re stream deck showing the feedback etc?

Good to see you using an MC-300 pedal board … I’m using a Line 6 FBV MKII which is perfect for me :grin:

Take a look at this thread:

That looks pretty good. I’ll have a look around and see if anyone local has one I can play with.
I’m still hoping Cantibles Webserver will incorporate some of these things eventually tho!

OK … so it’s been a while now :rofl: and I’m still thinking that a ‘simple tweek’ (!) to the webserver interface would be super useful.
I have no idea how complicated it is to change this stuff, but …
… what if, instead of the the fixed buttons on the bottom the page (Stuck Notes, Play, Pause, Stop, Next Song) they could instead be buttons coming from perhaps a controller bar layout, (i.e. existing) but buttons that can trigger a binding?
That would cover a lot of customization.

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An update to the Web UI is on my radar, but I’ve got a few other bits to get in place first.

No worries … I’m sure you have no shortage of things to do :slight_smile:

In the mean time … Maybe others could chip in here too, on how/why they might find it useful.
I’ll put some more concise thoughts about it here shortly.