Waves Harmony plugin

Just downloaded a demo of Waves harmony plugin, started just to look at it in Cakewalk, seems ok, anyone using it in Cantabile? I’m hoping to use it for basic harmonies in my life setup.

Thanks Doug

I’m using it, no issues.

I use it as well for live performance harmonies following the chords from my MIDI controller. I created a binding to a foot switch to engage and disengage the harmonization. Works pretty well.

I just started playing with it in Cakewalk looks good so far got the midi learn working for key changes. Next step is in Cantabile and figuring out how to turn it off and on by midi.

How is the CPU usage on the Harmony plug?

Haven’t got there yet, but it’s only 40$ right now and for what I want to do should be just fine, you can get a demo to try it.

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From what I can see with the monitoring in Cantabile looks like a Cpu load in Cantabile of about 20 % max for the plugin. I’m typically running 3 or 4 wave files and one midi file for controlling lights, thu, and harmonizer and system load doesn’t usually run higher than 30 %.

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I have a TC HELICON VoiceTone Harmony-G XT that I use live, the tracking is done through the dry guitar signal and it works quite well. Is it possible to use an audio input instead of midi for the harmonization reference?

I’m not sure exactly what you mean but the plugin can generate harmonies based on your input audio and the key.

I need that the plugin use 2 audio stream as input, one for the vocal (that will use to harmonize) and one for the tracking audio (guitar) and guess the key tracking the second stream.
I looked at the documentation but it seems to me that tracking is only done statically by setting the key or through midi notes. I will try the demo as soon as possible

Waves Harmony can’t do that - AFAIK only the TC Helicon hardware has that capability.

Thanks a lot. In my audio pc I have Windows 7 (and it works great).
I had some trouble to install Wave Central, it not works on windows 7.
I will investigate soon.
Thanks to all

As far I know, Waves plugins v12 and above won’t work on Windows 7.

Right… I need Windows 10 for latests Waves versions…

Haven’t tried that plugin but if it takes midi to select the Key, could you use Midi Guitar 2 to take your guitar’s audio and turn it into midi notes? I use MG2 a lot and it’s pretty amazing.

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there is also SongKey by Hornet plugins - it analyzes audio input and outputs the chords via MIDI.


I recently purchased the AIR Music Technology AIR Vocal FX Collection. Amazing harmonies, CPU about 2%, and latency very low. Using it in a duo I am in.

Thanks to all, for sharing your tips.
I’m busy with other cantabile tasks about programm/bank, but I will check soon.

Do you control it via midi? For example using a preset number to select key?

At the moment, I setup the AIR FX in a rack, and select presets for the song. When singing, I use a pad on my keyboard to enable/disable harmonies. I can also do the same thing with foot switch, or states. It is just a matter of turning it on/off when needed.
Hope this helps.