VSTi Patch Name Becomes Recording Name? (Feature Request)

I like to go through a VSTi patch library’s browser and play to come up with ideas inspired by the sounds. I record what I’m doing using the recorder.

The fact that the MIDI recorder does not (and likely will never) include the patch and bank was addressed here: Record feature in Cantabile 3

So, what I do is make a bunch of song states, with the same VSTi synth in place, and pre-select a bank’s patch for each state, and then move through the states “wearing each patch out” and then moving to the next one. I hit record and stop manually, re-name the recording to the bank and patch name, and then move on.

Since the patch name appears automatically in the middle according to the state, would it be a great problem to allow that to also be assigned to the recording name, allowing me to skip a step and not go all left-brain when I’m trying to stay right-brain and creative?

At least then I can easily re-call the patches in my DAW and insert the correct patch later on. Currently, it is all too easy to forget what patch goes with what recording unless I manually name the recording with the patch name.

Of course, it would have to only grab the name from the first patch in the list, I suppose… or… concatenate several names if layering??? (I can dream, can’t I?) :smile:

This is not easy in a DAW - Samplitude and Sonar do not record VSTi patch changes into a track either, so I suppose that part is hard. But transposing text into the recording title might not be as big a deal. (I hope it is not!)


Guess what, lads and lassies? The feature I requested already exists! Oh, yes it does!

In Options under Recording (Cantabile 3 and 2) there is a fly-out arrow from which you may select from among several great options. Just make sure to clear the field before selecting one, as it combines selections with what is in there already (so my concatenated list of names is a possibility also!)

I am meek. I am humble. I’d be perfect if I didn’t have such a problem with modesty. But there you are.


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