Vst LoopeR Suggestions?


I am looking for a vst plugin that is a looper. Something that let’s me replay the input signal. There have been famous foot pedals for guitar like JamMan, EH Looper 22500, etc.

I want something that’s clean and doesn’t change the signal.
I want something that has long loop time.

I GoogleD vst loopers, but it doesn’t look like there’s much out there to be honest, rather disappointing.

Anybody in the live performance community know of a good vst looper?

Newbie Question: Replacing an X4 Looper and a Beat Buddy?

Amplitube 4 has a built in looper.


Have a look at Mobius - an incredibly powerful software looper, and it’s free as well!

I believe Ed Sheeran uses it as part of his live looping rig.




I’ve been using GLoop with great success. Its very simple single track looper with overdub. I tried mobius as well, but it is too much to learn for the basic looping I need w/ my band. You can check it out here: http://www.gvst.co.uk/beta.htm

I’d recommend mobius if you need something more robust but try out GLoop, I found it to be exactly what I needed.

I play lead guitar and in a few songs I play some synth leads so I’ve hooked up a single GLoop to both amplitube and and my synth (u-he Tyrell n6) This works really well. I use an Arturia MiniLab 25 key mounted to my mic stand, a FBV Express MkII (4 switch foot controller) and an FBV Shortboard MkII (13 switch foot controller)

I use the minilab to control the synth, the shortboard handles turning stuff on/and off in amplitube and switching presets. The Express I use to control GLoop. I have one switch for record/overdub, one for play/stop, one for undo last, and one for reset all. Both amplitube and Tyrell run into the same instance of GLoop that way I can play and record a synth lead, loop it and switch back to guitar, or play a guitar rhythm, loop it and then play a guitar lead over top. I can even play guitar, over dub synth, then over dub more guitar.


This looper is more of a scratch pad, not a live performance looper. You CAN trigger record/play for 4 separate tracks but you can not easily undo/erase them via MIDI. I do NOT recommend Amp4 looper at this time, I was so disappointed with that too :frowning: Coulda been a great addition to killer software.


I played around with Amplitube a year ago and I wasn’t thrilled. I remember them trying to nickel & dime you buy forcing you to buy more effects.


Amplitube itself is amazing for amps and most of the pedals are great too. Yes it can get expensive to buy everything, but you don’t need it all/won’t use it all so just get what you like. Plus the custom shop lets you preview amps/cabs/effects for 3 days every 6 weeks. So you can always try a full rig out prior to buying it.

The looper is the crap part :slight_smile: Well not crap, but its not a live looper replacement like I was hoping when the feature was announced. I’ve been using Amplitube since v2 and the latest v4 is just incredible.

I have BIAS FX too but I’ve had weird audio issues with it so far, so I can’t use it live even though I prefer quite a few of the tones.

GLoop Check it out!


I’ll give the GLoop a shot. I am only playing electric violin and I want to lay down my own rhythm/background loops and play on top of them


GLoop will work if you don’t need to remove overdubs during the performance. For example, if you played a progression of C-F-G, then looped and played E-A-B, then looped and played G-C-D you would have a nice chord progression going that you could inprov over but you wouldn’t be able to remove the E-A-B/G-C-D layers individually. If you need that find of control, go for Mobius, but its learning curve is pretty stout comparatively.


Hey, I was doing some research on this too. You can add this one to the list: http://4drx.com/plugins/looprecorder.


Actually, GLoop does a reasonable job, for a simple plugin.
It can remove each overdub in turn and recall each overdub in turn.
It can recall all overdubs with one switch and clear all with one switch,
What it can’t do is ‘skip’ specific overdubs.
Once you have your remote switches setup, it’s really a neat and simple device.
I use it in conjunction with a slightly different kind of looper which Iove…
Elottronix XL


That is a much better explanation of its limitations. I do really like it though. I’m still trying to figure out Mobius, but it really is a bear.


If you’re looking for something more full-featured, this new plug just dropped,
Loop Lab

$5 intro special now (5/19/2017), going up to $20.


Found this one also


Old thread, but as nobody mentioned it, I’m quite happy with Augustus Loop.


Mobius is amazing - you can use it as a simple looper or as an extremely complex looping system. You can also program it with scripts for special setups and such.


I am actually setting up Mobius hosted by Cantabile on my PC laptop and it works well so far. I plan to continue to develop it for live performance. Combined with a mixing VST and some effects, it can be a really nice virtual rig.


Could you tell me how to get MIDI clocks out of Augustus Loop and sync C3 to it (whilst AL is hosted by C3)?
I tried setting up the MIDI out to a virtual port and setting that port in C3 as a source of clocks. I tried looking at the output from the port in MIDI OX but couldn’t see any clocks messages either.


I’ve just been playing with the demo and I’m not overly impressed. Using the spacebar in C3 to start and stop the transport (and it needs the transport running to work at all) after a few start stops it’s well out of sync.
Also it doesn’t crossfade the loops at all so clicks very apparent.


Hi @Neil, I never tried that and atm I’m not in front of my music laptop. Actually I didn’t even know it was possible! I’ll check that tomorrow.