Vst LoopeR Suggestions?


I’ve just had another play and got it working.
The trick is to select ‘Rounded tempos (for Live)’ in the prefs.


Hi Neil and everybody,

Sorry for restoring an old thread! This is 4drX (the makers of LoopRecorder) reaching out to the Cantabile community to let you know that we have lately fixed - among other things - the sync problems with C3 and we have added an option to eliminate clicks between live loops with a configurable crossfade (see the “Settings” section for more details).

Next time that you find issues, please drop us a line using the feedback form at our website that pops up when you download the demo. We sometimes lurk in the net to see what people say about LoopRecorder :male_detective: but we have limited resources!

Thanks anyway for reporting the problems and happy looping!


Fantastic! I don’t currently have need of a utility like LoopRecorder but when I do you guys will be at the top of the list. Love to see good support- with good communication. Kudos!


Much appreciated for updating LoopRecorder. It does indeed look rock solid now.


Hey Lempface,

I try Gloop, but seems there’s a problem with the latch/momentary function.
I can’t get a key assigned to it, because C3 uses latch and the software is momentary.
How did you fix it?

@brad could there be a problem with my version 3279, the momentary function does not work, it only sets the toggle to 127 (not back) ?
Or am I missing something?