Video in the media player

Hi Brad,
Would it be possible to integrate vlc player into the media player?
This way i could play a live video clip.

I’m quite hesitant about this. Particularly in regard to all the codecs and multitude file formats, presenting and positioning the play back “window”, integrating the audio with Cantabile’s audio engine etc… ie: I worry this would open a huge can of worms and a support headache.

At this stage I’d prefer provide better ways of integrating with existing media players. If there’s anything I could add to Cantabile to better support this, please let me know and I’ll look into it.



Video Killed the Media Player.


I was kinda thinking, “welcome to the new Cantabile Daw”


Well it’s a bummer i can’t find any vst that runs the video, because that could replace c3 for my reaper indeed. C3 is more suitable indeed.

QLC+ can be configured to play video files, and supports MIDI input. Maybe that would work for what you’re looking to do? It’s free to try anyway


I’d also be concerned about video playback on the same PC as Cantabile and hosting VSTis and the extra load, unless you are confident that you have plenty of power and efficient CODECS.

In Welsh Floyd we had two laptops. One for the Click Tracks and DMX light show (run via Cantabile) and another for the Video, which was hosted by Show Cue Systems 11 (SCS11).

SCS11 was a little clunky to setup as it does not have the most intuitive user interface, but it did the job and the cost of it was much, much cheaper than the high end equivalents. I needed a media player that could be triggered by an external input, such as MIDI.

I had the two laptops connected via a single network cable using RtP MIDI to make the MIDI connection (avoid the need for more MIDI interfaces) and used Cantabile bindings to send triggers to SCS when songs started and stopped. It worked reasonably well.

I have never heard of QLC+ but would have investigated that if it is free! :slight_smile: However on a quick look, I can’t see that it supports video?

Thx Derek,
I took the question to this topic, maybe we can discuss it there?