Use Foot pedal to trigger a midi note

I am using a Roland FC-300 foot pedal. Is there a way in Cantabile to trigger specific Midi notes from the foot pedal?
For example, I would like each switch on the foot pedal to trigger a different MIDI note.


Actually, I just figured it out.
Create bindings from the controller to custom triggers. The custom triggers are the configured to play a certain note. I created two triggers - one for the note on and the other for the note off. You can set a delay for the start of the note off to create some sustain.

Perhaps there are other ways to accomplish this task?

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Good idea - didn’t even think of that myself!

A better way to do this would be with a MIDI filter - if there was one that did this, which there isn’t. Probably wouldn’t be hard to add.

The other way you might be able to do this is with MIDI plugin. Don’t know of one off hand, but wouldn’t surprise me if there was one. Maybe something here:


Thanks. I’ll look for a MIDI plugin. Well, if you do add such a filter in the future, let me know!

Just out of curiosity: I agree: a dedicated MIDI filter or plug would be more comfortable but: is anything wrong with the way you found? Works very well here…