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hey everyone, new user here. really liking the software and have used it on 2 shows so far. I have been having an issue with my Presonus Studio68c randomly disconnecting and reconnecting. i’m sure it is my computer and I am just wondering if anyone else has run into this issue as well? If so, were you able to remedy it. I have switched out all cables, powered usb hub, direct to computer connection, different usb ports, power management settings on the computer, everything i could find online and more LOL. I have tried it on another pc and no issues, but that computer is not something i am willing to, or want to take out to shows as it is my normal work laptop. i’m hoping it is just a setting i possibly missed. if not I may be doing some PC shopping next.

Hope someone can help.

Take care.

Hi Sstyxx01. Welcome to the forum!

There could be several things causing that. The most common is cables. I buy heavy duty usb cabling, they seem to last longer. You could be having driver issues. You can re-install the driver, but it is always recommended to download the newest driver for your device.
The ports on your computer will eventually wear out in time. If you are into small electronics, you could replace them, but really needs to be done by a professional.
About the ports in a Windows machine, ALWAYS use the same ports for the same devices. Once you use different devices in and out on the same port, it stacks up, and will shove other devices out of that particular port. You will need to go into the computer settings for device manager and remove all the devices from the particular usb serial bus. Then label your devices i.e. interface in port 1, keyboard in port 2, and so on. ALWAYS use the same device to same port. Do not mix them at random. This is a long time Windows issue that we have to get used to. Hope that helps. If I can find more info for you, I will post it here.



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thank you for info, much appreciated. I am most definitely aware of having to use the same USB port for sure LOL. i just switched them in testing, thinking maybe one has gone bad or was damaged. All have the same issue. I also have tried 2 new sets of cables and all drivers are up to date and I have also rolled back drivers that are possibly more stable to the suggestion of others. i’m starting to lean towards the usb ports just being old and worn out on the machine. it is an older laptop that has had lots of miles put on it before it became the music machine. I’m new to music, bands and live performing so i repurposed it as it had been sitting around. Maybe it is time to go shopping for a new machine. (such a bummer LOL)

I totally understand. I bought two newer computers a year ago, and retired my 10yr old Win 7 machine, after several fixes. I am typing on it now. Just a little hint, if you are interested, I buy refurbished computers from a reliable AUTHORIZED Windows refurber. You will save a lot of money, get an updated machine to Win 11 now. I looked for a one Terabyte SSD, minimum 16GB Ram and a chip maybe 2 years old. When I received it, it looked brand new, it was extremely fast, and I love it! I bought from NewEgg, and I trust them because I’ve never had a problem. They have several independent refurbers, some are great, many are not. Check the ratings though. If NewEgg is the refurb, that is usually a good buy, but I got a better deal from the independent company. The laptop I purchased at the time was $320.00. Not bad for what I got. I won’t buy new ever again.
There are tons of other refurbers out there. Just research it.

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If its not a laptop and you have PCIe slots available, it may be worth buying a dedicated USB3 card. I had to do that on a recent build with a reputable mobo maker because the onboard USB wouldn’t function correctly with a 15’ cable. I had an extra USB3 card and tried it and problem solved. The onboard USB works fine with 6’ cables so its a physical layer issue that the card solved.

[edit] OK, just saw its a laptop so never mind…

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I have multiple USB ports on my desktop, particularly for the same reason.
My laptop only has 4 USB ports, so I bought a powered 4 slot USB hub, always plugged into the same port, to extend the ports to 8. Always use a powered one, encased in metal, not plastic. It has to be powered to compensate for the limited power source of the laptop usb port. Works like a charm.


Also, in the Power settings section in Windows, enter your power plan and go to the advanced setup section. In there if you dig deeply you might find a setting for USB that powers off the ports after a specified length of time. This is especially common on Laptops. Just turn that off.

The built-in “high performance” power profile USUALLY has this USB power saving feature turned off, but double check that your manufacturer didn’t turn it on. It may be how they are managing long battery life.



The Professor, as usual, brings words of wisdom. All hail, for he has spoken. :face_with_monocle:

i changed my power plan and have those setting turned off as well already…still had problems last show :frowning:. already searching for a new machine to replace it…i’ve just come to the conclusion it is probably the usb ports on the machine. I have very well built metal powered usb hub as well. oh well. machine is old anyway. I can put it in the office for the wife to buy stuff on amazon with.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions anf help. it is very much appreciated.

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Hi, any chance to temporarely substitute the soundcard by another reliable type from a different company? This way it might be possible to find out if laptop or soundcard are this reason for the hazzle.

Regards, Volker

Hey Jeff,

I’ve been in IT support since the stone age. My first thought was the ports are worn out but usually one of them on a laptop with 2-3 ports will still work.

What make/model is the laptop?
Which OS version?

I’m asking because it might make sense to do a fresh install of Windows. A bios update might be a good idea also. I’ve repurposed old laptops for musician friends by updating the bios, installing an SSD and a fresh debloated Windows 10 plus Cantabile Lite and a Behringer UCA202 (buying those for $10 at Sweetwater lately). Then I put a bunch of excellent free VST’s on and convert those “I would never use a computer for keyboards” guys.


Tried that as well. I use a presonus 68c normally. I also have a focus rite. Issue still applies

It is an older Alienware bios and all drivers are updated. Fresh install of Windows 10 due to the issues…still a no go. I believe I have literally tried everything I can possibly think of or have read.

One thing I can mention for all Dell laptops is do not use the USB 3 ports for your USB audio interface. Dell puts a blue strip of plastic inside the 3.0 ports

Sometimes the fresh Windows installs places a driver for every device. For people on budget we can charge less by just going with those with the caveat they may run into a problem later. If something isn’t running right we go to the support page for that unit’s Service Tag and download the drivers there

Are you using a powered usb hub ? If not - try this !

yep using a metal case industrial strength USB hub. Got the new laptop in and all is working perfectly. I would say it was definitely the USB ports on the old computer. Thank you everyone for trying to help out with your suggestions. got the new laptop all set up, a new rack case for all my gear, and working on a Touchdaw layout for controlling all my stuff right from my keyboard. I basically run 2 mics, an acoustic, an electric guitar, and the keyboards all into my PreSonus 68c. I have 4 cables that come out of it 1 for each mic, 1 for acoustic/electric (1 can’t play them both at the same time so they share an output and vst software, and the last one for the keyboard. I run each to the main mixing console, it allows me to control my own sound as well as have control over monitor mixes of each instrument separately as well. works out really well. I’m new to all this, I sing but was asked to join a band (first band) so I’m learning how to play keys and guitar to 50 plus songs. lots of work but lots of fun as well. I sometimes think I have been having more fun tweaking settings and setting up my own sounds for all the songs.

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