Updated Version of Cantabile Batch Editor Available

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Hi all,

You may recall that I created a free utility called Cantabile Batch Editor several months ago which makes it quick and easy to make batch changes to Cantabile files without having to load them one-by-one into Cantabile. The original post about it is here:

I just released version 1.1, which was largely inspired by Brad’s blog post Moving Your Cantabile Setup to a New Machine.

The primary change is a new feature called ‘Fix Broken Links.’ This command will scan all of your Cantabile files (or whichever ones you choose) for invalid file links and offer one or more solutions to fix them, where possible. If you have ever opened a song that couldn’t find a rack file, this is for you. Other examples are set lists that can’t find songs, or songs that can’t find media files.

There are several other changes, as well, most notably improvements to the ‘Test in Cantabile’ command making it much faster and more robust.

To learn more about ‘Fix Broken Links’ check out this article.

Go here to download version 1.1.

Full changelog is here

Let me know if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback on CBE or the new feature.



Thanks Tom, I’ll try it out.

Thanks for the update Tom :pray:

Excellent! I will definitely be playing with this over the weekend!