U-he synths sale



50% OFF Diva and Repro for the next 10 days for anyone interested.


Why the team up with Native? Anyone know anything?


Hi Dave

I figure this statement has something to do with it:

Each synth is now available with a 50% discount, plus NKS-ready controls, letting you steer essential parameters directly from your NI hardware.


Shame I already have them. To people who don’t; then you owe it to yourself to check them out. They are awesome, and a bargain at full price. At 50% off they are a steal!


I guess it’s time to pull the trigger on Diva - thanks for heads up


There was some discussion on this question on german recording forum. Rob from u-he chimed in and gave this answer:

„We do the sale with NI for a single reason: it’s Native Instruments. We would be pretty stupid if we would not let NI advertise on their userbase.“ (did my best to translate it correctly :roll_eyes:)


Thank you Volker, I was curious!