Two newby questions

I can’t seem to find the search button on the page, and can’t find the answers readily in the manual, so I’m going to ask here - thanks to all in advance

  1. I need to set a CC value (CC7 in this case) to a plug in. I’m using Omnisphere and I want to set CC7 to setup a mix so I don’t have to worry about it within the VST itself. .

Is there an easy way to do that? I can’t seem to find it (mapping yes, setting the value no).

  1. I want to setup all MIDI input into Cantabile to one of my outputs on my MIDI adapter. This will in turn go to my Behringer mixer as a MIDI in, which I can then recorded with the audio from the Mixer (an XR18). This way I can replay my performance and tweak the sounds, mix, etc. after a rehearsal or a show.

I’ll have more questions later, I’m sure.


Hi Pat,

Use a binding like this to send cc7 at Song load. Your target would be ‘Omnisphere - MIDI In’ or your Omnisphere rack and the action would be Gain.


Hi Pat,

If I understand right this should help

Use the background rack View>Background Rack and create a route like below except change the destination (where I have Rack MIDI OUT) to your MIDI Adapter output of choice. It will capture all and route all midi input performances regardless of the song.


Just as an aside, you should see the search function magnifying glass icon in the upper right of the screen.