Twin Listing of Plugin in Insert Plugin Page

I am seeing two exact listings for a single Plugin file when on the Insert Plugin page.
What is the solution to eliminate one of the two listings of a Plugin when you attempt to Add Object

Is one instance 32 bit and one 64 bit of each plugins?

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this typically happens as @RackedBrain mentioned if you use 32 & 64bit plugins in cantabile x64 by mapping the 32 bit plugs to x64 by using jbridge.

If you point cantabile to both (32 & 64 bit) plugin folders cantabile identifies both versions and you get the double nominations.

I got this fixed by only pointing cantabile to the x64 plugin folder and additionally release copies of those 32 bit plugins not available as x64 version. jbridge automatically does the rest.

Regards, humphrey

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The Solution -
When I listed directories in Plugin Options where my VST’s were found, I would not just include the Root directory but for some cases the Sub-Directory too. For example : E:\VST;E:\VST\ NI;
So when Can would scan my Native Instruments VST’s it would see it twice. Once in E:\VST and again in E:VST;E:\VST\NI; There was some reason I needed to do this in past version of Can.

Thanks for your help and input


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Thanks All…
Great Program and Great Folks standing along side…