Transposing a MIDI sequence?


I have a MIDI file playing in a Media Player, and I’d like to be able to hit keys on my controller keyboard and have the MIDI sequence transposed on the fly accordingly. I’ve been scratching my head as to how to achieve this!

Any ideas?


So, the problem is how to get the number of half-steps to transpose. You could:

Have a rack with 12 Rack States. A binding would catch the note and select the Rack State based on the note. I think that’s the easiest way. Or use Bome. I used to have a Bome routine that did that.



I see what you mean - an intermediate rack between the Media Player and destination with transposed States invoked by a note binding. I will give that a try.

Thank you!:+1:


The “Learn transpose” feature should be able to handle that, I would assume? But I am not sure how to invoke the “Learn transpose” feature on the fly …

There is a short intro here: New in 3639 - Learn Key Range, Learn Transpose and associated bindings


Yes, it’s the on-the-fly part that is important to me. I’m setting up for an improv gig and I really need this feature.

I’ve actually managed to get this to work by binding states to notes in a ‘Transpose’ rack, so I’m OK in this respect. Getting the MIDI files to loop AND keep my other sequencers in time… now that’s proving a bigger problem.