New in 3639 - Learn Key Range, Learn Transpose and associated bindings

Hey Guys,

I’m currently working on some other new features but in the meantime decided to release this… new commands to learn key range and transpose settings.

Right clicking on MIDI Routes and Plugins now have commands:

  • Learn Key Range
  • Clear Key Range
  • Learn Transpose
  • Clear Transpose


When you invoke either command you’ll get a popup that provides instructions, but basically for learn key range you just play the top and bottom note (either one after the other, or together, the order doesn’t matter). For learning transpose you play a base note and then a second note that sets the transpose amount. eg: if you pressed C3 then D3 the transpose would be set to +2.

Note that when these commands are used on a plugin it only works with the first MIDI route connected to the plugin - ie: the (hopefully) typical case.

Also, there are now bindings on MIDI routes and Plugins to invoke these commands. The only difference here is when you create a binding to invoke these commands on a plugin you can also choose which route to adjust - (numbered sequentially from 1 to 4).

This is all available now… feedback welcome as always.



Awesome!!! :slight_smile:
I guess the same is valid for racks?

Hi Brad,
Personally I use the transpose mainly to manage octave shifts in splits. How about a +/- 1/2 octave on the options?
Thanks, John

Thanks! Very useful!

kind regards

Isn’t that covered properly through “Learn Transpose”?

This is great! Learn Key Range works fine, however, nothing happens when I select Set Key Range.

  • Paul

Hi Paul,

It works, what happens is it puts a visual indicator with drag bars on the Onscreen Keyboard when you select it on the given route.


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Err… no, just plugins and routes atm. I’ll add support for racks.

There are already bindings for transposing a route up/down 1 octave. By “1/2” do you mean tranpose by half an octave - that’s an odd transpose amount isn’t it?

See @Dave’s answer or full description here: Key Range Indicators

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Ah, I see. This is an awesome new feature for me! I use splits constantly.

  • Paul

That’d be great. I guess most of us work with plugins inside racks and do the routes on song-level. :slight_smile:

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0.5 of an octave would be odd! - I meant one or two. I’ll check out those bindings.

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Build 3640 (available now) has these commands on racks too.


Yehaaaaw! Thanks. Will try early next week.

Very Very useful! Thanks Brad !
Another thing I stumbled upon, It would be handy to transpose a whole song.
With zones and plugin transpose. (like you can do on some master keyboards)
Now you can only do this in the main keyboard routing, but it doesn’t transpose the plugins.

Isn’t the global transpose function what you are looking for?

Yes i thought so too but global transpose does not move the key zones

I ll try this tomorow. Great new!

Of course not. Why should it? If you play a song in G and transpose it to A the split zones will stay the same because you still play in G in the real world…

ok agree, so there should be a general transpose

There is already a global transpose function.