New in 3639 - Learn Key Range, Learn Transpose and associated bindings


I like the learn key range a lot… Always hit and miss for me (multiple keyboards) and it’s definitely easier to hit the key and move to the next range than scroll up and down.


Definitely my favorite/quickest way of doing my splits now (Learn Key Range + Learn Transpose). A big thank you!

Just one question for Set Key Range, though: how do you exit this mode?
(I notice you can’t use the on screen keyboard anymore while in Set Key Range)

Edit: I thought it was the Escape key to exit Set Key Range, but it is not working for me.


Hi Le Heros,

You right click on the channel selector for the onscreen keyboard and uncheck the box. To lose the keyboard just shrink it out of sight when done.



Thanks @dave_dore, it works.

Interestingly the first time I did the right click on the Channel Selector, I had:

Then after exiting and re-entering Set Key Range, I had the more extended version:

I have not found the logic about this.


Yes, I noticed that too, the larger context menu appears after you actually drag the bars. Otherwise it remains compacted.


Wow, great! Thanks Brad!


Great job Brad! Tx!


Is this version now ready to be on stable status?


I used it on a gig without issues!