Too many plugins :-(


Hi All, just getting back into Cantabile, looking to use it weekly for live work. Its been working well for a week with about 32 plugins loading on launch. But now its telling me that 64 are loading. Ive checked the paths and I’m sure its the same as before, but why has it doubled. Im running a I5 with 8Gb and a 240Gb SSD. Cantabile is running at 43% without even playing anything. I’m running the 32bit version because of some of the VST`s I want to run.Have I done some noob mistakes, I’m sure I have, can anyone help please.



Hi Chris,

Can you post your .json files for the plugins? Go to Tools>Open Settings Folder and find these 2 files and post them. I think between us all we can help figure it.



Hi Dave,

The system will not let me upload the files as they don’t conform to the ones allowed?



Can you put them in a .zip file?


Here we go, I use rar so just downloaded WinZip…lol (9.5 KB)


Thanks Chris, I have a few questions.

When you say they doubled what do you mean? That the Vst Instrument choices list doubled in size? The same vst plugins load twice into memory on a setlist pre-load?

I ask because I looked at the files you sent and there are a few X64 plugins listed but not double on every plugin and as you indicated X86 and the paths look fine.



Hi Dave,
I’m sure its loading the same VSTs twice. I've separated the VSTs into two folders 32 and 64 bit. I have the 64 bit version of cantabile running on the machine just so I can try jbridge before I decide if its worth me buying to run any 32bit VST`s on the 64 Bit version.

I’m just trying to find out why so many are loading before I wipe the machine and start again as it would be nice to see where I have gone wrong. I have about 60 songs created and need to backup and take notes before a reinstall in a couple of weeks.



Chris, jBridge support is part of C3 so Cantabile now see all X64 andX32 on the same instrument lists. To avoid confusion you have to have only the paths to X32 or X64 selected in option for plugin scanning. When using jbridge you can copy the desired plugs you want to wrap to a separate directory as another way to manage it. Anyway that’s what I think it is, C3 sees the X64 folder and instead of ignoring it (jBridge not installed) it sees them (jBridge installed) jbridges them and you see them in the X86 version. Make sense?



Hi, yes that does totally, thankyou. Its been worrying me as to why my utilisation is so high. I do need to thin out some of the plugin`s I think :joy::rofl:

Thanks for you help Dave, much appreciated.



Hi Chris,

Jbridge “just works”. Buy it, download it, install it and Cantabile will automagically load your 32 bit VSTs into the 64 bit version (of Cantabile). Works a treat.



Thank you, I will :grinning:



Chris, unless you are doing something unusual, Cantabile won’t load a plug-in into memory (or use any resources) unless you load a Song or Rack that uses the plug-in. The fact that you have both 64 and 32 bit versions there just means Cantabile can make use of them if you select them.


Hi, this is what I’m getting my head round. I’ve created a spreadsheet so I can keep notes on every song and setup to see whats using what where I can cut down on what I need :slight_smile:



Just to help wrap your head, if you use Racks, Cantabile (C3) will re-use loaded plugins and samples. To make this work, create your songs (using Racks to instantiate your plugins) and put the Songs into a Set list. Then check the box when you create the Setlist that says “pre load”.

I use a lot of plugins. My laptops have 16gb and memory sits very comfortably (numb) at between 6 and 8gb.