JBridge - Was going to avoid it but happy VB3 issue prompted me to install it

Being an IT guy I decided that sticking to 64bit VST’s would be best, especially for a performance based rig. In response to one of my posts, Brad mentioned in passing, that I should be aware that VB3 has a programming error that can cause problems if it allocates memory above 4GB. He recommended I check out Blue3 which I did and really like but am still using it in demo mode. Since others here mentioned that VB3 32bit is well behaved when used with JBridge I decided to purchase it (JBridge that is). I love that Cantabile natively supports JBridge. I’ve installed the following 32bit VST’s:

  1. TickyClav (Big Tick) - working on my funky D6 comping
  2. OB-XD (DiscoDSP) - some guys want to play VH Jump of all things
  3. MiniMogueVA (VoltKitchen) - the vb3 of moog emulations
  4. CLAVI (Safwan Matni) - I like this piano
  5. Redtron_SE - same guys want to do John Lennon demo Strawberry fields but add Mellotron
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You will find great happiness this way :smiley: Redtron is an excellent plug.

I also use JBridge for a few VSTs which are 32 bit only, but which still sound great

  • Viper (inspired by the Access Virus)
  • Taurus (can’t remember the author or name)

And there’s a few others on my studio PC like Steinberg Virtual Bassist, which is still a great tool for getting a track going.

There’s still a bunch of great 32 bit plugs out there. JBridge is the best way to access them… (I use that Taurus pedal plug too).

jBridge is good! And it provides tweaks for those plugins that really don’t want to behave.
Other bridging possibilities are via MetaPlugin (very useful tool) and Vienna Ensemble Pro, but you wouldn’t buy that purely for the bridging.

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BTW if you want some rockin’ free stuff to cover a lot of basic sounds check this guy out:


I use the Sonic 6 emulation live… I don’t think anyone else has ever done that synth.

Edit- I stand corrected!


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And it provides tweaks for those plugins that really don’t want to behave.<

Yep, „The Legend“ is another example…

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Yeah, same here, tried to stick with a pure 64 bit setup, but to de-risk VB-3, I also went for jBridge. Has been working flawlessly for months now, so I’ll stick with that setup.

I have Blue3 in my setup as well, but it’s a bit too “screamy” in the higher registers for my taste - no balance between soloing in the lower octaves and in the highest ones. At the moment, I’ve inserted a dynamic EQ in my SoloOrgan rack to reign in the worst of the screaming, but over time, I think I’ll re-work my solo organ to use VB3…

Thanks for the info on MiniMogueVA and Redtron_SE - nice additions to the free arsenal!