Time/CPU Load - Distorted sound from VSTi



What worked a couple days ago now isn’t and I’m perplexed. I have Cantabile Solo 3586 x64 on Win10 LTSB. All I get from my VSTi’s now are distortion, and sometimes panic. I normally use a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 but also tried running out of the headphone jack (that also worked before but lower quality). I reinstalled the Focusrite drivers and ran through all of the Win10 audio optimization recs. Each port (both focusrite and headphone jack) work fine for test sounds (from the OS).

The only thing I see that’s different is Time and CPU load are through the roof.I only have 2 VSTi’s loaded (VB3 and MrRay). Li e I said, this worked like yesterday… does anyone have any ideas?



Hi Tom

Did this happen before, or after reinstalling Focusrite driver? VB3 and Mr Ray is not your load problem. I do not use Solo, so I don’t know it’s limitations, but if you can open Cantabile, go to View, and select profiler (if available). Load your 2 VSTs, watch profiler to see what is causing high CPU load. Post a screenshot of what it shows. Also, check to be sure that sample rate is same as Focusrite. Also, what buffer size are you using? If profiler is in Solo, it will lead you to the cause in most cases.




I figured it out - you can’t load two instances of VB3 (at least on my computer). I disabled one of them and everything is good. I have both MrRay and VB3 loaded and they both sound great.


Ah…that would be the problem! Glad you got it going. Profiler is a great tool, and it would have shown the 2 instances of VB3.


Thank you for this advice.


That’s odd - I have various songs with multiple instances of VB3 running without problem. Although I do run the 32-bit one via jBridge, which might potentially make multiple instances behave differently to the 64-bit one (or not…).



Hey Neil, wasn’t there a discussion sometime ago about multiple instances of VB3 causing some problems? I’ve not been able to find it in search yet, but it definitely rang the cobb-webbed hall of my memory, thus my response.


The only thing I was aware of with VB3 was the crashing that was happening on Windows 10 with the 64 bit version of VB3, which was trying to access memory outside of its legal memory space on some machines. It was crashing a lot on mine, hence why I use the 32-bit version with jBridge. It crashed with a single instance loaded, so I don’t think that was related.



Ok, Thanks Neil. If by chance I find such a discussion, I will post it.


I defitely had massive trouble with 2 instances of VB3 x64! No problems since using VB3 x86 & jbridge.


Here a link: Stability of Builds 3092+


Thanks for verifying the integrity of my leaking memory banks Volker. It’s nice to know I’m not completely devoid of proper brain functions yet, although I’ve never been quite right anyway. :crazy_face: