There's a way to block a particular midi input?

Hello, I know this is more related with the keyboard I’m using (M-audio Code 61) but I’m really in a cul-de-sac.
So, the problem is that this keyboard has a button called “zone” that allows you to split the keys up to 4 different zones (each one with a different midi channel). When I activate or deactivate the “zone” button the keyboard sends a program and bank change and as a result the running VSTs switch to a different preset.
I’ve tried them all, but it seems there’s no way to disable this sending from the keyboard so I’m asking if there’s a way to stop a particular midi message so it won’t really have any effect.
Thank you very much!

You only have to set a filter in your routing and nothing happens…

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As Juergen suggested, a filter can easily do the trick, „suppress events“ is your friend.

Please note that midi filters are only available in performer and solo edition.

Regards, humphrey

Ok, I’m new to filters (I’m slowly learning how to use all the functions), but I tried and it works, thank you very much! I guess I have to create a filter for every route.

Not necessarily: if you want to suppress an event generally you can implement a suppress events filter into the virtual midi port representing your keyboard.

If you only need this event in some of your songs you could create 2 different virtual midi ports for representing your keyboard - one with and without the filter. When creating a new song you simply use the midi port you like.