Testimonial by Howifeel

I am an unfaithful user and have tried other VST players (sorry Brad), however, I discovered that Cantabile is the only software on which I rely in a live setting. (we are husband and wife, now. No more messing around). It is my bread and butter. Any time I have had one of those “pulling my hair out” moments (and I have no hair) Cantabile says “Relax! It’s not that complicated! I got this!” Even when I am in panic mode (as in we are walking out on stage and my computer configuration is left in the state it was in at the END of sound check), I can snap to my song configuration (hope you are using SSD with 16Gig of RAM). It is funny when playing shows with multiple artists, I walk up to the controller among the Mac snobs with a PC, and it draws the question “So, what software are you using?” Saw a few Macs blow chunks during performance and, although I felt for the keyboardist, I was kind of happy.

Anyway, thanks Brad!


@Howifeel Hi John, thanks for taking the time to write this and glad you’re enjoying Cantabile (a little too much perhaps?)

Would you mind if I moved it to the testimonials category?

It would be an honor.