Tempo Flash Binding - Useful?


Had someone ask about a binding for the tempo flash indicator and wondering if anyone else would find this useful.

tempo light indication on external controller

Definitely. Maybe even a screen flash?


But isn’t there already something flashing when you activate master transport?


I’m thinking of something much bigger? Maybe a Notes border? Red for beat 1, yellow for beat 3, green for 2/4…


Something like the entire edge or the main Cantabile window flashing to the beat would be awesome.


Wow ok. That not what this post was about, but that’s interesting.

To be clear - what I’m asking is: would it be useful to be able to trigger a binding on every tempo flash so this could be reflected out to external MIDI gear LED indicators etc…



Oh, yes. That would be very useful. So this could be kind of MIDI-metronome which is in Sync with Cantabiles Metronome? That would be great…


Sorry I misunderstood, but I suppose I just imagine some screen colours being binding targets. A flashing screen border would be very helpful.


I would love this feature!
+1 with The_Elf’s suggestion too…albeit a different feature than what Brad was asking for feedback on.

I recently picked up a MIDI LED “flasher” that syncs to MIDI clock for band cues/tempo purposes live. It would be cool to be able to trigger other band members gear (LED’s/DIY stuff.etc…) via this binding.


I love the idea - could use a MIDI-flasher for my drummer to keep him roughly on tempo… @Myriadmike: where did you get your LED flasher?

Would also be pretty easy to build my own on an Arduino/Teensy basis…




Hi @brad

I inquired about this a while back and would like it too but would also like a variation on the proposed binding that provides the measure marker as a separate flash binding or a binding that could generate both measure and beat messages on different programmable CC numbers. That would fix a part of my touch ipad control surface I made in a large way.



I am quite sure others would find it useful, so that is a good thing. But, as I stated in another thread, in my experience, visual tempo distracts performance. If I look away to use sliders, or run the keyboard, interact with bandmates, or tilt my head upward, with eyes closed, executing an excellent, passionate solo, I then have to fall back into tempo which will then be my focus point instead of performance. That’s why audio tempo works better. Since I also use show notes as a lyrics/song map, a flashing strobe surrounding them will not enhance that experience. I use the current metronome note flash as a countoff, then stop it. All it takes is one band mate to vary and throw everything out of sync, then performance becomes a train wreck as everyone tries to adjust. Again, just my old school experience, but others will find useful. :grin:

P.S. I was thinking, if you already have synchronized lighting, would adding tempo strobe increase risk of seizure? I am old you know ! :rofl:


Hi Corky,

I do it the same way as you with a start reminder of tempo that automatically stops after several seconds and have trouble following a visual device through an entire piece so I prefer audio instead but I figure it could be used to trigger a customizable metronome sound using any midi device you desired so that opens up a lot of possibilities that are not visual and might be useful or at least fun …



…True Dat! :wink:


To me it would be sufficient, if I could bind to a transport position with wild card entries like:
‘0 1.000’ representing a trigger on every first beat of any measure
‘0 0.000’ representing a trigger on every beat in any measure

Currently the dialog ‘Enter Transport Position’ for the Source ‘Transport/On Position’ does not allow such formats or beatNumber only,



Thanks everyone… I’ll give this some thought.

There’s a number of complications with this:

  • if you’re trying to bind to say a MIDI controlled LED, it’ll probably need to send two events for each beat… one to turn the LED on the beat and one to turn it off again shortly after (ie: to create the flash).
  • some cases might not require that (eg: custom MIDI flasher could probably automatically turn off and just needs the initial trigger).
  • some cases will want different events for first beat vs other beats.

Nothin unsolvable but I think these all need to be catered for.



Or you could use something like Soundbrenner - it’s a bit convoluted to connect to Cantabile, but it works. The thing that tripped me up initially (beyond the hoops you need to jump through to get the MIDI connection working from Cantabile to mobile phone to Soundbrenner) is that it will not flash unless you have playback going. As soon as you stop playback, flashing stops. Nothing that can’t be fixed with an OnSongLoad binding, though…




I was actually made aware of Soundbrenner a few weeks ago when one of the drummers I occasionally work with mentioned it (he really needs one). I wondered if it was a gimmick or a really great tool. I didn’t check into it at the time, but he ordered one. He hasn’t contacted me yet about his thoughts on it, but he is not tech savvy, and is probably struggling with it. Sounds interesting though. IMHO I am thinking that only the drummer needs one, as he/she normally sets, and maintains tempo for a band anyway. Now then, if only we could hot rod the device where I could send an electrical shock, instead of vibration, just to get drummer’s attention. :innocent:


A new Binding is Born!! :grin:





Brad, this is a crucial binding that will solve many problems on stage. A must for sure.

Corky :smiling_imp: