Tempo Flash Binding - Useful?


As usual Corky you are on point! :wink:


Beware the electrical pulse causing spontaneous combustion, resulting in a sticky residue on the drum stool…


“A green globual”…


Works great!

Shipping to U.S. was quick and I’m very happy. You can only manually change the beats per the bar ( it pulses BLUE on the first beat and RED on all others) via switch setting during power up…not practical for a live set, but we only use it for tempo flash.

There’s a few DIY boxes you can buy and assemble…or source the components yourself and assemble.


Ah, you know your 'Tap and I stand corrected :slight_smile:

Every time I watch that film I spot something else. Watching it a few weeks back (first time in quite a few years ) was no exception.


Yes! I can’t use a click but a flash would be great. As stated earlier, I wouldn’t use it during a song, but it would be perfect for setting the temp prior. I often start songs (and set the tempo) with the drummer coming in later…


Hi Brad! (Long time…)
I say ‘YES!’ It would be neat to bind to select different modulation styles in a plugin; or to cause a MIDI light fixture to do something; or maybe even change the octave in my guitar synth while sustaining notes/chords.



definitely, would love to see it working with my akai mpk tempo led and tap button if this would be possible?


Hi all, my first post. Many years ago I was involved in the idea development of ProMetronome VST plugin that had a server/client feature so it could be run on another pc as a slave… that never got off the ground because the developer lost interest but it has always been on my mind. It needs to be servable to other clients so that it can be distributed around the stage and the graphics need to be more than just a flash of white.

I like the ideas suggested but would prefer for it to be a standard html5 feature in a remote html client existing in 3 forms:

  1. As an extra tab in the current browser remote for the user of Cantabile
  2. As a small optional window (floating?) on the notes page of the current browser remote
  3. As a separate server displaying a dedicated full browser page (with re-sizable graphics so it can live with other apps for charts etc) that doesnt have the other remote stuff available, so the drummer (or singer) cant start messing with other controls…inadvertently of course :wink:

This way every band member can have it running on their own device - iOS and Android.

Optional BIG ask: for it to use the internal sound of the device via the browser api and include an advance/delay parameter to compensate for latency and also choice of sounds.

For it to look like an old school bright green radar blip in a circle against black background (minus the sweeping radius from centre, just the blip and circle), and when blip hits 12 O"Clock an option for a complete flash or just an expanded brighter blip (option for smaller 6 O’clock blip maybe?). In the centre of the blip circle to have a bar and quarter note count. This way you can see the blip go around the circle and can intuitively predict the 12 o’clock flash so it can be more in the corner of your eye.


I wanted to add another shape, the infinity symbol (either vertical or horizontal to fit screen) thats perhaps better than a circle for a visual metronome. The crossover point can then be used as the emphasis of the blip.


any updates on this?