Tempo Flash Binding - Useful?


As usual Corky you are on point! :wink:


Beware the electrical pulse causing spontaneous combustion, resulting in a sticky residue on the drum stool…


“A green globual”…


Works great!

Shipping to U.S. was quick and I’m very happy. You can only manually change the beats per the bar ( it pulses BLUE on the first beat and RED on all others) via switch setting during power up…not practical for a live set, but we only use it for tempo flash.

There’s a few DIY boxes you can buy and assemble…or source the components yourself and assemble.


Ah, you know your 'Tap and I stand corrected :slight_smile:

Every time I watch that film I spot something else. Watching it a few weeks back (first time in quite a few years ) was no exception.


Yes! I can’t use a click but a flash would be great. As stated earlier, I wouldn’t use it during a song, but it would be perfect for setting the temp prior. I often start songs (and set the tempo) with the drummer coming in later…


Hi Brad! (Long time…)
I say ‘YES!’ It would be neat to bind to select different modulation styles in a plugin; or to cause a MIDI light fixture to do something; or maybe even change the octave in my guitar synth while sustaining notes/chords.