Synthfest 2018 - Anyone attending?

Any of you guys coming to Synthfest? I’m looking after the main hall, but I’ll be happy to say ‘hi’ if you can track me down.

It’s just occurred to me that Cantabile really should have a presence there for future events!



Just looked at the exhibitor list. Looks like a great show! You’re fortunate to be involved. Please share your thoughts after the show.

If it wasn’t on another continent… :smiley:

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Wish I could, but I am continently challenged as Fred is.

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Same here. I would love to attend but it’s a bit far away for me (okay Spain is not that far away). And I agree with you that Cantabile should really be present at events like these.

(I’d represent and help sell Cantabile for free, but I guess I wouldn’t the most obvious (or best) candidate for such a thing.)

As long as it is only continently challenged, and not incontinently challenged… :wink:


Annoying - it’s actually not far from where I rehearse with my band, but that week we’re touring over in Canada and the USA. So I’m continentally challenged too. Next year maybe!



Where in U.S. ?

Just one show in the US - we’re playing the Saturday night at ProgStock 2018, in Rahway, NJ.

Dammit !! Was hoping you had several dates in US. Would really like to see you guys.

Aww, cheers @Corky! Well we’re releasing a new album next year, so we’ll probably be back for some more dates then some time. Seems a long way to go for one show (and 2 in Canada).

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I’ll have to keep checking your website so I can prepare a trip within the states when you tour the new album then.

On that note, maybe this forum needs a long-standing thread for mentioning live shows/tours forum members are doing, a little bit like “Show me your Cantabile Rig!”. It might also be a good way for some of us all to finally meet each other!

I appoint you as a committee of one to complete that task. :wink:

As for me, I am rarely NOT playing, but I can be found. My touring days ended long ago.

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Done… Forum members’ shows and tour dates.

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Looking forward to that new album, Neil. “Road of Bones” is still regularly in my play list!

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Well for anyone that’s stalking this forum, but not posting, the same remains = come say hello!

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I’m 1.5 hours from Rahway but of course the one trip I’m making this year is that weekend to go to the “left coast”. Not continentally challenged but just as far.

Thanks Neil for making the member shows and tour dates thread.

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