Forum members' shows and tour dates


Since this forum features a great many musicians, many of whom are out playing live and touring on a regular basis, I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread where we can mention our live dates. You never know, maybe some of us could actually finally meet up with each other and see each other play - it’s always great to see another person performing with Cantabile, and have a few beers!

It might also be interesting to read here about where Cantabile is popping upon stages around the world.

To set things in motion, my band IQ is hopping over the Atlantic for a few shows next week:

Wed 3rd October 2018 : Salle Jean-Paul Tardif, Quebec City, Canada
Thu 4th October 2018 : Club Soda, Montreal, Canada
Sat 6th October 2018 : ProgStock Festival, The Union County Performing Arts Center, Rahway, NJ, USA


Synthfest 2018 - Anyone attending?

No tour, no show dates for the time being- Glass Hammer is studio only for a while, again- but there is a new album out in two weeks and I’m gonna shill it :smiley: :smiley: We’re really happy with it and a couple advance reviews feel it might be our best one. A bit of an internal shake up kind of gave us back some new energy. Check it out at:


Did you mean 2018 Fred? Just checking.



Oh, didn’t see that! Must be something hiding in the webpage meta-data from 4 years ago :smiley: I"ll see if someone can fix it. Album is on pre-order right now.


Will check it out :slight_smile:


Hey, Fred, am I missing anything, but I really couldn’t find any demos of the new album on the site, and if I click the link to the shop on the main page, then it doesn’t seem to go anywhere?


Hey- I don’t know what’s even up yet in terms of demos on the website. And apparently you can’t click the banner- you have to click where it says “our store”. I’ll try and get it looked at. Mean while here’s a link to the video trailer. I’m hoping to edit a series of demos featuring the guest musicians myself today or tomorrow.

Plus that video on the main page is from the new album :wink:


Thanks. Will check out when I get 5 mins :slight_smile:


For those in Germany who want to see my rig (and me) in action: I play with my R&B outfit “Mind The Gap” in Cologne this Wednesday night @ Papa Joe’s Jazzlokal (Streckstrump) in the Old Town.

See you there!




Papa Joe’s looks like a really cool place. Would love to see you guys, but, you know, the big pond crossing thing.



Maybe in this day and age it is time for live streaming concerts we can’t get to? Not quite the same, but a few years back we had a sad family loss and one of our nephews, now living in America, could not afford to fly back for the funeral. So, we live streamed it, which I did not realise was an option until we mentioned the issue to our funeral director and he enlightened us!

Back on topic, I miss out on a lot of UK gigs, because I live in darkest West Wales, literally on the coast and next stop Ireland! And few bands come past the Welsh Border (probably because it would not pay to do so), so a lot of gigs would be a major excursion (and they are often on a weekday when I am working). Some big acts (e.g Rick Wakeman, Yes) will get to Cardiff but that is stil a five hour round trip for me.


My cover band, Crossing Woodward, plays the bar scene in the Detroit area, mostly around Westland. Our dates are all on If you’re in the area and come out make sure you stop and say hey. I’ll be the guy on the keys.


Hmm…this month my dates so far are: 10-4, 10-5,10-6, 10-9, 10-10, 10-12, 10-13, 10-18, 10-20, 10-23, 10-26, 10-27, 10-31. Apparently I am on an inner city tour, at various venues, with different musicians. I am such a gigging whore. :star_struck:


Good for you man. I’d like to be playing out. And making a little $$


Key word = "little"


Ready to roll @ Papa Joe’s. Notice the nice and friendly Cantabile logo :grin:


Nice Torsten !! From what I can tell, it looks like you are the edge of the stage?? If so, don’t be rockin’ too much or you will be in the floor. :rofl:



Well, the stage is as small as they come, so I have no other option than to balance on the “ragged edge of disaster”. We even had to move our singer off the stage - she had to stand on the gallery on the right side of the stage.

The drummer’s crash cymbal kept scratching my back all evening - and for him to get out behind his drumset, he had to dismantle half of it (we thought about having him cathetered for the evening so he didn’t have to get out for bio breaks :wink: ).

Here’s a pic from a previous gig there - sure cozy up there!

The upside of it: you get to play really tight in this setup :wink:




Actually it’s not. I have been on worse. :persevere:
I really like the stage side table, especially the customer with his back to you. :smiley:
I play occasionally in a real nice restaurant/club with a huge stage, but is lined around the edges with tables. I have been able to have conversations with people between songs. You using house PA?


The ones I hate are when you are split, one side by the dart board, one side by the pool table and you have to leave a gap for the punters to get to the loos which are behind you!

Done a few of those!