Switching time in 3264


maybe it’s only me but after updating from 3262 to 3264 I observed increased switching times from song to song in a setlist with preloaded plugins (about 1s in 3262 / 3 s in 3264). After rolling back to 3262 everything fine again.

Regards, humphrey

Same here. Thought it was something on my hardware side.

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No probs here?
Maybe it’s a plugin?

Maybe, but nothing has changed in Songs, Setlist or Racks…

Hi @humphrey,

Thanks for reporting this. I’ve just reviewed the changes between those builds and the only thing I can see that might affect this is this one:

  • Fixed - changing source port on a MIDI route not releasing held notes

To fix this, I had to make a change where the UI waits on the audio engine to finish releasing held notes before continuing with the re-route operation and I’m guessing this is the problem. I’m surprised the delay is noticable but if you’ve got a lot of MIDI routes I guess it could be.

Got a busy week this week with some other behind the scenes stuff, but I’ll try to revisit this asap. Logged as priority here.



Thanks and have a nice week, humphrey