Switching Kontakt Snapshots

I purchased several Orange Tree Samples libraries during their Summer sales event. The Evolution guitar and bass libraries have Kontakt snapshot presets that I like a lot. I’d like to switch among these presets by sending program changes or MIDI messages in bindings to Kontakt, but I’m not seeing a way to do that (due to a Kontakt limitation). Has anyone found a way to do this in C3?

I would put the Kontakt, with instrument, into a Cantabile rack, and change presets using bindings to states within that rack. Most every library I have is in a rack. It is management friendy, and switches immediately in most cases. If you use the rack in several songs within a set list, it stays loaded in memory, with no need to reload for each song. Racks are an amazing tool in Cantabile.




Some good stuff here in this thread for Kontakt use in Cantabile 3.

Hope it works out for you …



Great suggestions, Corky and Dave! My Kontakt instruments are already in a linked rack, so I just need to dig into rack states (a technique I’ve not yet explored).

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