Swapping out keyboards - memory refresh please

So if I go to a fill in gig, that has a DP, and I don’t want to cart my own, can C3 re-assign all inputs to the new keyboard in songs when the song is loaded? Or does it require re-programming all songs?

The way I do this is to add physical Midi Ports of the substitute keyboards to the virtual Midi ports I have defined and that are used in songs. This way no song needs to be modified.

Regards, Volker

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And the how to do that is in the manual?

PS: sorry it HAS been a while :smiley:

Hey Dennis,

Just plug in the DP to your PC and start Cantabile. Then go to the options and locate the Default keyboard input in the MIDI ports area. Find the DP physical port in the list and check it and exit from options. The new default controller should be working for all songs after these steps. Leave all the port check boxes checked that you use at various venues and it will auto find it next time you plug in that keyboard.




Lovely! Thanks Dave - haha as I was reading it it all sorta came back to me - must be the old age creeping in :wink:

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fwiw: this is the whole reason for having this extra layer of “environment ports” between your hardware and your songs.

Thanks Brad, yes a good idea!