Suggestion - state behaviour for all plugin parameters

Just another aspect, not urgent more a request and maybe idea for further development: you introduced the ‘entire banks’ function which enables the total recall of a plugins settings and content.

For samplers this function has to be disabled if we need fast switching times.

With the states behaviour checkbox we can nearly compensate the missing total recall as every function available can be stored.

Now we are able to wrap vsts into racks and so make them reusable. This means that even samplers can be extremly flexible if all parameters can be recalled (keep in mind that we don’t know which parameter we probably want to change in a coming song).

If this is true it would be most comfortable to have a “reduced” entire banks function available additionally that simply enables all of the parameters but lets sample content untouched.

This is not a function we aren’t able to realize but atm it is cumbersome as we have to click up to some hundred checkboxes (dependand on the plugin) to set it up.

Of course the single parameters should still be available.

Maybe an add-on for future releases.

Good idea, although for now I might just fix the ability to multi-select and toggle the all at once.

Logged it here

Hi Brad,

thanks for resonding. Could you map my account as humphrey to my posting here, please?

Kind regards, humphrey

Hi Brad, just got the clue behind (multi select with shift): implemented toggle functions for state behaviour now do the trick perfectly! So no need for a separate checkbox from my side.

Thanks for making this happen, regards humphrey