Suggestion for special type of panpot

Another suggestion for the long time list:

haas effect panpot:

In live situations (and cantabile definitely is a live host) we often have the situation that FOH operator tends to do mixing in mono. The reason behind: whereas audience sitting at a sufficient distance to the PA is getting well balanced stereo panorama those listeners placed near one of the (mostly) 2 speaker sections has a chance of 50% to not hear anything of an instrument with extreme panning.

A proper way to get rid of this is to combine the standard level panning with additional delay for the channel that shall be decreased.

Result: for farfield we still have maximum panning available but signal is still audible on both speakers.

Of course this can be realised by implementing a delay into each channel. Disadvantages:

  • one delay per channel seems oversized
  • corellation between level pan and delay is not linear = not easy to adjust

So maybe the delay function & control interface could be implemented into cantabile. GUI doesn’t have to be changed - only a possibility to chose between standard and haas panning would be necessary.

Regards, humphrey

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Very interesting. Certainly beyond what I’ll be doing right now, but have logged it.

Couldn’t you just use one of the Haas effect plugins to do this?


Could you recomment one?

I’m afraid I haven’t used any, so can’t recommend one. But a quick web search brings up a few, such as this one. But having it integrated into Cantabile’s pan pots would be considerably slicker.

Hi Neil,

thanks for the link. I also did some search in google but only found old links, not working any more, applications only available for x86 hosts or Mac. I’ll definitely will have a closer look on this.

The other aspect is simplicity: for me a panpot is a bread and butter tool I really like to have available directly (but of course this is personal taste and workflow).

I used another live host in parallel to cantabile since years without panpots and solved this by loading a panpot plugin on each channel. I always found it extremely cumbersome.

So I always try to keep the ballance between “whistles & bells” (which I definitely like very much :wink: )and simplicity, means one pot could be enough…

Cheers, humphrey

I agree that it feels like it’s something that belongs in Cantabile. I guess this might be a good application for the “rack control panel” suggestion I made, if it were available as a plugin - hide the complexity of the plugin within a rack, and just expose the pan control. But even then, it wouldn’t be as slick as being properly integrated.

Yep, rack control panel would definitely be an option

Just by coincidence today I noticed there’s an mda plugin that does haas delay as part of the Stereo Simulator plugin. I haven’t tried it myself, but if you’re looking for a plugin it might be worth checking out.

Thanks, I will have a look on this.

Regards, humphrey

Hey All,

Ancient post revival service … Newly found Haas plugin 64bit



I actually downloaded this app a couple of weeks ago, just out of curiosity. Haven’t had time to use it much, but seems to work pretty well on the few things I tested.