Suggestion for booster midi controlled

Dear all,
I need to have a “software booster” for a input channel (guitar) and I need to enable and disable via midi controller. Have you have some suggestion?
May I use a vst? May I change input volume with midi events in cantable?
Thanks for your suggestions…

Hi Claudio,

Yes you can change volume levels in Cantabile using MIDI messages with or without a VST but how you do it would depend on what version you are using. Post that and we can help …


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I used Voxengo MSED as VST for this. It is able to do up to 12dB and is free:

Regards, humphrey


Another Freebie I use a bunch, it’s like Volker’s suggestion above.




Claudio…I can personally swear by dave’s recommendation of the DMG product. Works great for my purposes.

Thanks a lot for your help! At the moment I have Lite versione, but I’m consider to upgrade Cantable for setlist (and also midi binding).
I will try the DMGAudio with CC message soon as possible.
Thanks to all!

I install TrackControl, is really great.
The only issue is that the CC Mapping is linear. CC values can assume only 127 values and each step change almost linear of 2,7db in lower zone, 1,5 in higher zone.
cc 0 is -200 db
cc 1 is -198,3 db

cc 20 is -167.7 db
cc 21 is -164 db

cc 118 +2,6
cc 119 +4,3
It’s not easy to have fine control with cc with this “mapping”. Probalby a logarithmic scale will resolve this “issue”… but I think that I cannot modify this behaviour.

I found another free VST, more simple but real time cc oriented - is

You can chose the range and the mode.
Thanks a lot for your help!

And for what reason do you use a plugin? This can be done with cantabile alone…

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Can you explain that?