SUGGESTION: Cantabile file/idea swap area

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I’m wondering what everybody might think of the idea of making a place where we could swap sound FX, setup ideas, all or bits of song files.

To explain I’ve recently joined a covers band and we are doing

  • Riders on the Storm (The Doors) - Thunder sample
  • Money (Pink Floyd) - Cash Register loop - set to a click
  • Back in the USSR - Jet sample

I interested to see what else I can do, what others have done before

There is a category named “Shared files” in this very forum - would that cover what you are looking for?

I can answer for Money (and Time). The cash register and the ringing clock are just sampled from the CD. Even the starting Pad of Shine On Your Crazy Diamond is partially sampled (a very tricky work).
All the work was done in 1994 and played on my K2000, including the brass lead. Please note that the lead is deliberately wrong played!

I was thinking more like a MIDI file database BUT (.cantabileSong) file format.
Containing sounds/setup needed for a song IE: tempo, any loops or samples, VST synth patch or FX info (and synth if freeware) if not a purchase link.

This could also open the door for somebody that makes VST instruments to recreate specific patches for songs. So that if you wanted to play a particular song, you could buy the VST or patch

Hi Peter

I’ve been making presets for quite some time for all the Hammond vsts on my Organ page. I give them away free to our forum members. I also created many presets for E-Pianos, and Amp Sims. I’ve not posted everything yet, but I still have a huge backlog for many instruments.
As @TorstenH said, there is already a shared files section on the Forum, so I don’t see a need to stack up multiple threads, just so it will be easier to find gifts in a central place.
However, I do keep my Organ presets in that particular thread, and Amp Sim presets in it’s particular thread.
So, you exampled some samples, and if that is where you are going with this, I suggest either changing the title of this thread as maybe: Shared FX Samples, or just post them on the Share thread. However you do it, keep it within one thread where everyone can find them.



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I think you need to you don’t land Brad (as site owenr) in hot water as posting effects taken straight from CD (e.g Money Cash Register Loop) would be a potential breach of copyright.

Will copyright infringement also cover links to external sites, like soundcloud, as in this example? I had the impression that it was the hosting that was the issue, not the links?

I assumed it was being hosted on this site.

Ah, yes, I see - I looked at cpaolos specific example, but that was not what was being discussed. Good point!

Please let me know if my example is a copyright infringement. If yes, I’ll cancel the post. Under another account, my demo is on soundcloud and other places since 2001, no one told me anything about copyright. :thinking:

I am sorry, I created the confusion about your link. I think that Derek meant the suggestion from @PeterFitz regarding having a library that might include samples needed for specific songs, and if these samples were copyrighted and they were stored in the Cantabile forum, then it could be an issue.


Yes, I was talking about the idea of storing samples taken straight off original material, not an interpretation of a song you have played yourself and programmed the sound on

BTW, I just took a listen to your demo and it is excellent in terms of nailing the sounds. And as to play it, one thing I will always say when people challenge me about playing Pink Floyd the right way, is that Rick Wright never played the same song the same way twice, ever! :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Derek, it’s generally appreciated. It’s my first attempt, later I added the high Solina strings (I prefer the original version than the PULSE one). I admit the pad is sampled, I took a slice of it (with higher volume) and optimized using the sample editor of the K2000 (!!!). The fade-in you heard it’s made with volume slider! The sound is not bad also transposed to Dm and Cm, even it’s not perfect. The overall sound is good if you think it comes from the Kurzweil only. The lead is a K2000 filtered sawtooth, as well.

Didn’t Wright use a Kurzweil during the 90s?

  • Paul

Yes, Paul. The Band used six K2000 (Keyboard and Rack) in their PULSE Tour.
Wright used also a Kurzweil MidiBoard Master.

@PeterFitz, there are lots of threads here such as this one: Us and Them at open mic this week