Suggestion: auto switch to default soundcard

As I switch regularly from a desktop setup (over wasapi) to a live setup (over asio), it would be very handy that I could set my asio as default, so when it’s available C3 switches to it, and otherwise it chooses wasapi.
Not that bigga feature request, but would make life allot less stressful on stage :slight_smile:

Or maybe auto-select from an ordered list?

One thing that drives me bonkers is that when I try to go in and change the engine choice Cantabile keeps coming up to tell me it can’t access the chosen engine - I know, I know, that’s why I’m in Options!

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Yes - please @brad, only let Cantabile show this message when trying to activate the audio engine, not when entering options (and shutting the engine down)!!!


As an alternative, how about using different start configurations for desktop and live setup?



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Yes true, bit kinda obsolete when c3 shows the message from the system. I just think it’s a process that can be made smarter.
That list is a good idea.
When audio A is not available, switch to B, or C.
Instead of the warning.
But now that i think it over, today on stage the electricity fell out. Maybe it wouldn’t be smart that c3 switches to wasapi at that moment.
So should only be at startup.

Thanks for the feedback. Yep, that error message in options is kind of annoying - I’ll look into it.

As for automatically falling back to another sound device… that’s not trivial, but even if it was I have some reservations about this. This scenario is exactly what multiple configurations was designed for and provides a more deterministic way to control for different environments.



Hm, multiple configurations have the issue that when changing parameters in 1 system the other will be outdated. Over time this gets to complicated. So the software should anticipate.
In general it should, the user should not be worried about programming stuff. Except when he really wants to go in expert modus.
C3 excels in possibilities. Which is great but dummy modus is also important. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:
That’s how apple got big, it’s straightforward but still leaves room for the experts. KISS principle.
Same kinda goes for the setlist that’s not possible to change the tempo and transpose etc at setlist level instead of song level.
Multiple song versions with other transpose or tempo complicates it for the user.

Sorry for being the brat again :grin:
I know we are spoiled.

@brad I’ve suggested this before, but what about allowing command-line overrides for config parameters? That way you could have two shortcuts for different audio devices whilst keeping the rest of the config consistent.

I agree, but to me auto-switching sound cards is a more complex behaviour:

If the software was to automatically fall back to a different sound device because the first one, the one the user actually wanted to use wasn’t plugged in, then this is a hidden behaviour that’s confusing - the user has no idea what just happened and why is sound coming out of his laptop speakers and not the venue speakers. That’s a more complex behaviour to my way of thinking.

Yes, maintaining multiple configurations might be more work but at least that work is simple and less surprising. You configure your songs in your song files and you configure the environment in your configuration.

Less work doesn’t mean more simple.

This might make usage easier for some users but it also makes the code base more complex. Which is more important?

There’s a lot that goes into that decision: how many users will this help, what bearing will this have on people’s ability to understand it, what’s the potential for bugs, does this impact the ability make related changes down the track, how complicated is it to implement, how long will it take to implement, does it make the UI more daunting, how important is this in relation to other features/improvements (all of which have a similar set of questions), what’s the potential for unintended consequences, will it adversely affect CPU, RAM, load time performance etc…

I’m not saying this feature request is a bad idea, or that it will never be done. It’s just that there are many aspects I need to weigh up before committing to any new feature.

The impact on the code base of any new feature is just as important (if not more important) than any benefit that feature might bring.

‘Multiple Configurations’? I’ve looked in Options, but can’t see any mention of this?

See this guide:

Ok Brad, that’s clear to me. Thank you for taking the time. Sure i do understand and consider this when asking for extra functions. And it’s out of personal situations and experiences I’m asking these.

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Thanks, Brad. I see - not in the Cantabile options, then.

Where do I find the basic config file to use as my starting point? I will definitely examine this. I could do with Cantabile picking up some sort of variable, based on the config file it is using, so I can switch states to suit the system I’m working within (e.g. studio, live. live backup, etc).

You don’t need one. Just run Cantabile with a different command line option /config:whatever and Cantabile will create a completely separate set of settings under the name whatever. You edit them using Cantabile Options dialog as per usual.

Yes, I tried this, but it has me starting from scratch, as if it’s the first time I’ve ever started Cantabile up - I don’t want to have to go through setting all my ports up again!

There is a way around this: When creating a new profile, Cantabile creates a new folder in C:\Users<your_name>\AppData\Local\Topten Software with the configuration as part of the name

(in this case, the config is called “test”).

So, if you want to avoid making all your settings again, simply confirm the default settings in Cantabile’s setup dialogs and afterwards, copy all your files from the original folder (“Cantabile 3.0 (x64)”) to the new folder (…(test)).

Now your “test” configuration should be set up exactly like your original config.




Thank you. Now this Pandora’s Box is open I’ll take my questions about it to a new thread - this could be the feature I’ve been needing!


Speaking of Pandora’s Box, I now have 12 of these configs that I lean on heavily for different situations. I have some that define entire sets with different parameters. I usually make a new config and then copy the essential files from another config’s folder to speed along setup.

Well, you opened the box now!!! :wink:


OMG the horror :scream::scream::scream::dizzy_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth: