Stuck notes in Blue3 / Arturia Keylab mkii 61

I’m experiencing regular stuck notes using Blue3 (latest build but also previous builds) played on my Arturia Keylab mkii 61. This does not happen every time, but it happened again (several times in two different songs) while playing live yesterday evening. Where should I start looking to troubleshoot this problem? Is this a known problem with Blue3? It’s quite annoying having to press the dedicated all notes off button on my keyboard or to swipe across the keybed all the time to get rid of a stuck note. Come to think of it, I also had the same problem a while back playing Blue3 on my Vortex wireless. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.


Hey Herman

I actually encountered the same problem 2 days ago. I planned to recreate it today and report it to Ray at GG Audio.


I think it might be controller related. I had no problems with my Roland and E-Mu controllers, but only noticed it on my M-Audio.

If someone has it on an arturia, another on an alesis, and yet another on an m-audio controller, I kinda doubt it will be controller related …

I had a same problem with same controller.(not same vat). Couldn’t reproduce, but swapped out cheap usb cable for not cheap and not had problem since .

Hi Tom

I’ve not had this problem on any of the many controllers I own. I recently purchased another M-Audio, which is where the trouble cropped up. I just tested 4 of my controllers, no problem. I am unpacking my new M-Audio to try to recreate the problem. It very well could be a bad usb cable, or something to do with the controller. Blue3 works just fine on everything else I’ve used it on. So…through process of elimination, it’s not Blue3, it’s not Cantabile, and it’s not my other controllers. I can’t address Herman’s issue, but I can address mine, and other than a bad usb cable, I may have new lemon controller. It happens…but I will hopefully discover the problem soon.



I’m not a psychic :slight_smile: so yeah anything is possible. Just weird that 3 different kind of controllers got mentioned in the thread… Hope you can find the root of the problem!

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Yeah…I’m not a psychic either…more like psycho. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks for all your input. I will certainly look at the USB cables, the Vortex wireless is, of course, wireless so I wonde why happened with that controller. Also, so far as I can remember I have only had this problem with Blue3, never with any other VSTs. Will let you know as soon as I find out more.

I’ve got two more show coming up next weekend, so I hope I will find a workable workaround before that time…

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I’ve not been able to recreate the stuck notes. If it happens again, I am ready to to tackle it, and will post what I find.


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I got a lot of stuck notes using Arturia keylab II 61.
I was sure it is my wild playing if I get excited with a distorted hammond sound…

Then I discovered this is not happening when I use my Montage7 as controller.
Cannot avoid that if I use my very old Roland A33 and my old M-Audio Oxygen 61.
Quality of controllers?

Question: just in the middle of a gig I pressed F1 which is supposedd to turn audio off from Cantabile.
No success last Sunday.
It happened three times, the only way was to find the stuck note on the keyboard to send a MIDI OFF.
Most of the times pressing 3 times “STOP” button on Keylab works well (it is a MIDI panic, documented in Arturia manual)

Is there a MIDI Panic button on C3?
It would be very helpful…

Here it is. Excuse my scribble.

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OMG, sorry
it was so evident…

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Update after my last gig, yesterday afternoon.
It seems more serious: two events of a stuck note.
No easy solution, in both cases C3 panic button didn’t work such as panic from my Arturia.
Only finding the right key, sent the correct Midi off note.
I opened a post about controller quality.
I am worried, it seems I spent nearly 500 bucks to buy a device which is inherently faulty.

Do you have the latest firmware and driver installed? I don’t get any such problems with the Keylab Mk2 (49 in my case) with any plugin (including Blue3 2).


I am used to keep every software frozen when I have many live gigs scheduled.
This weekend I will have time to make a full upgrade round. This will include C3, Montage 3.0 and Keylab.
The Arturia keyboard is really nice. I love the key response, the weight and the layout.
But if you get stuck notes when playing live you need to find a reason.
With Montage used as controller I never have these bad events. Here other guys had same experience so…

But you helped me to debug the full setup.
When I use Arturia controller, audio and MIDI management are through an extern USB board (NativeInstruments Kontrol Audio6).
When I use Montage with VSTs everything is inside the Yamaha beast. Connection to PC is only with USB cable.

Maybe… Home tests to be done, of course.
But at home (Murphy law) it never happened!

I always use the Arturia USB connection, maybe there’s an issue with the midi, Arturia or Native? I honestly never get issues so at least it’s not a universal problem with the Keylab. Maybe there’s some event duplication going on?

I use mine mostly with my RME FireFace UCX for audio or my Behringer X32 Rack for audio. Both have been rock solid so far. I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble.

The new Novation boards do look nice! My fallback that I use at home is a Nektar Panorama P4, it has a decent feel but a noticeably worse build quality. I’m interested to hear what you figure out.

Just adding my 2 cents (US$) that I love the Arturia Keylab MkII 61, and have not had any issues with stuck notes. (I’ve only had the board for a little over a month, so it’s possible I just haven’t seen issues yet, but I personally don’t think so.)

Just for comparison, my setup is USB only – 2 keyboards, Midi Expression Quattro, and Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (rev3) – all connected directly to a USB 3 powered hub, and the hub connected to my laptop.

Mine “suspected” setup is even more compact. No hub.
One USB link to Kontrol Audio6
Another USB link to Keylab mkII.
Pedals on the back of Keylab.
My notebook has 3 USB ports, everything on latency and glitches seems alright.
It is the classical damned bug, hard to catch.

Point is that it is making me crazy since 15 years. But now I am using professional and updated devices, I was confident to solve it…

Do you use the same USB cable with your Montage? USB cables can be finicky. Especially if they also have to carry power. Worth swapping the cable out for a new one.

Stuck notes are not unusual on Arturia keyboards (google it and you’ll find others complaining). I have a 61 key MKII that is going back for repair for stuck keys as we speak… Should be covered by warranty.