Strategy with states for live performance

Hi there,

Need help,…what’s the good strategy to “link states or not”?

I play midi files through the media player, states are organized this way: each state for intro, verse, chorus, and the concerned range changing for each state (same file, but different range).

1 should I choose or metronome sync or media player sync?
2 How could I play the whole song, with the corresponding state, with no stop, no manual operation?
3 Is it possible for a live performance to decide to let the song (&states) go, or to loop for example the guitar chorus section x2 ?

Thanks for all!.

Hi everybody,

Maybe my question is not clear, or my mind is not well-oriented (I’m a guitarist​:smile::guitar:),…but what’s the binding that would allow the differents states, each one with a different play range to be played through the media player without any interruption.

I think of using the new binding “transport/on position” to indicate that the state has to be changed at a precise position, but is it really the only way???

Sorry for the so dumb question, that’s drive me crazy, and thx for all.

Hi Sam,

Currently to do this there are a number of steps if you wish to use play ranges.

First you load the MIDI track in the media player and then open the timeline (View>Timeline) for the file.

Next you create the play ranges using the range marker braces and name and save them in the Range list.


now you make bindings to call these ranges and play them

The pic shows 2 of the 4 ranges I created and as you see there are multiple bindings for each range to do what I think you are asking for.

the first binding in each numbered group sets up a trigger that can set off the rest of the bindings associated with it’s number. I used a momentary button to trigger it.

the second binding calls the range up

the third binding stops the player to cue it to the front of the new range

the fourth invokes play from the beginning of the range you have chosen.

You have to stop the player manually of course if you don’t let it play to the end.

Hope I understood you correctly that this gives you an idea or two.


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That’s great dave, will try it and let you informed.
Will be my 1st day living with the triggers!

Thanks a lot