Media player slaved to metronome forgets its loops settings

Hi all,

I carry on slowly reprogramming all my setups from Forte to Cantabile.

In one of my setups, I need to trigger a drums accompaniment midi file (used to do it with Geist2 within Forte)
I need to have control over tempo (Tap and +1/-1 during performance)

These are 3,5 or 8 bars long (to be looped) midi files triggering a virtual drums plugin.

When the media player is master over the metronome, the media follows its loop settings but managing tempo is a bit tricky since it’s a % from the basic file tempo. However I managed to bind a +1/-1 with MediaPlayer/speed/relative but tap tempo wont work.

If the media player is set to slave, all metronome tempo controls are working (Tap +1/-1) but the file doesn’t follow its loop settings anymore.

I would like to have both loop on AND total tempo control!

Didn’t manage to do that. (Even tried a binding to trigger a “play again” at the end position of the loop but it doesn’t work reliably)

Using Giest2 within Cantabile did perfectly work but it’s an extra resource eater and I’m too limited by the 128 presets (so rhythms for me) I’m able to recall in Geist. I Got >200 and they perfectly fit in a media player file list.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Igbro,

Unfortunately Cantabile’s media players don’t support looping when in slave mode. If you really need this you’re probably going to have to revert to using Geist.


I’m fighting with the same kind of idea…

Thanks Brad for your reactivity.

C3 is so powerful that you never expect the “you can’t” answer… ahahahah!

So I can stick with Geist trying to overcome the 128 preset “limitation” or maybe make long repetitive midi-files that wont need looping (F…g long repetitive work over >200 files…)


As Brad says, definitely set media player as the master if you wish to use loops.

My problem is that I want to have a fine “live” tuning on tempo to stay in sync with the other guys. If you don’t need that, I think it ill work for you.

Have a nice day (both of you).


For reference I’ve added a backlink to this post from the Trello card on Live Looping.

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