Strange Show Notes effect in 3598 (solved)

Hello community,

I updated from 3595 to 3598 and observe a strange effect: in Show notes the last line of a note seems to be cut and the line before ends with “…”. I attache a screen shot that should explain what I mean.

I double checked by rolling back to 3595 but this persists only for 3598. Is this by design (in this case I may have missed something) or probably something special on my machine?

Thanks and regards, humphrey

I’m noticing some new wrinkles on the show notes as well. My discovery was that when I resized my Font size passed a certain point it dropped the last line of the text in the cell.

bottom line of the notes at font size = 30

bottom line of the notes at font size = 38

Looking at Volker’s font size above leads me to believe the 2 problems may be related to the resizing after a font size change or to font size in general.


I seem to remember Brad talking about an ellipsis with the new text/font handling. Do these problems show up if you turn off the new text/font handling? I think there’s an option menu selection to do that…

I just checked and my problem occurs in both rendering systems except the new system shows the ellipsis so I guess it’s not related expressly to the new changes. Hmm …

This is almost certainly related to the new text rendering, which is definitely experimental at this stage. If you switch the new rendering off (Options -> Diagnostics -> Enable Complex Text Rendering) it should be exactly the same as previous builds.

Anyway, if anyone having issues here could send me a song file that demonstrates the problems I’ll look into. In fact if you can just copy/paste all the notes from the song in question into a new song and send me that song file that’d be great.


disabling complex text rendering solves this problem temporarly

Regards, humphrey

Hi @humphrey

Can you send me a copy of that song file so I can check it out. Also, a copy of your latest log.txt file and settings.json (from Tools -> Open Settings Folder)… just so I can grab some info about screen resolution, scaling etc…


Sorry, a bit in hurry atm (my wife‘s birthday party today😅) - I follow up with information asap.

Regards, humphrey

Hi Brad,

I sent the files over for your examination.


Thanks guys… I’ve reproduced this now and working on a fix.


Should be fixed in 3599 available now.

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Finally sent through - obviously too slow for you: 3600 fixed the issue😂

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Hi @humphrey… thanks anyway for sending. And thanks for reporting… pleased to hear it’s fixed now.