Strange problem with bindings

I would need some help with a problem I have met with bindings.
I’d like that, on each song loading, the gain value of each rack was sent out as the value of a specific CC# controller.
The following bindings seemed to work although their source is not “Song/On Load”

However they are not very reliable, as sometimes not all the CC# values are sent out (I can’t understand why).
So I am thinking that I’d better use a “Song/On Load” source, but I can’t find a way to convert the rack’s gain value into the corresponding CC# value with this method.
Am I missing something?

I assume that Cantabile only sends these out when they change, so if the gain stays the same between songs, the value isn’t sent, but I’m not sure about this → @brad?

The song->onLoad binding is used when you want to send fixed values, so using that to send internal values like rack gain doesn’t work.

The bindings you’ve picked are the right solution - maybe @brad can help regarding the values that aren’t sent. Maybe there it would be possible to have an option that will force all bindings to be updated on song change?



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I’ve seen the same problem. Sometimes a couple of controls wouldn’t update. I recreated those controls in my MD Layout and the problem seemed to sort itself out. I don’t do an ‘On Load’, and yet Cantabile does sync my MD controls without it.

Thanks, dear friends.
Hope that @brad has a solution

I agree with Torsten, the bindings are correct but I have a story to relay as well. I made a TouchOSC iPad surface a few years back similar to what is being discussed here and had problems with some values not updating. But upon investigation they had been sent properly by Cantabile to the rtpMIDI port. So It was failing because I was using rtpMIDI wirelessly. When I switched to a hard wired USB cable from the pad to the PC for the network connection it disappeared as a problem and worked stably. Not sure if it is the case with everyone here but that was my troubleshooting experience with this type of problem.



Thanks, Dave.
But I am using a hard wired USB cable and, as I have checked with a midi monitor, randomly some messages are not sent out by C3.

Dave, which kind of hard wired connection are you using?

What monitor if you don’t mind me inquiring?

Usb to lightning connector for iPad 4 interface cable

You are welcome. I have checked out both with Midi-ox on the pc via loopMidi and with Midi Tool Box on the iPad via the usb cable connection.

Dear Torsten, I have double-checked and you are completely right (as usually): C3 sents out the rack’s gain value only if it has changed with respect to the previous loaded song


That’s correct and true for all of the “source value” type bindings.

Is this causing issues?


Hi, Brad. Not really an issue. I understand that this is aimed at avoiding a huge flow of midi data every time a song is loaded.
The fact is that I have built up this mixer with MidiDesigner for iPad:

In addition to control C3, it receives from C3 the corresponding value of each fader/knob in order to update their position when a song is loaded (and every rack’s audio level while the song is played).
In order to update the volume faders position C3 has to send a value 0 to every fader on song unloading; if one rack gain in a song has the same value of the previous song the correspondig fader remains on a zero position as it doesn’t receive any midi message from C3. So I have had to transform the bindings that send the 0 gain value to an “on song loading” type and manually enable/disable each binding. Not a big problem.

Anyway, do you think that it would be possible to implement the “on song loading” bindings (or the trigger source bindings) so that they can send a cc message corresponding to the value of a certain rack/object attribute (e.g. the rack gain) and not only a fixed value?
I don’t know if I have been clear enough.
Many thanks for your attention.

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