Song Reset question


I’m currently reworking my racks and songs to make use of the new “Reset” feature. One thing I’m still unclear on: when I want to reset all racks in a song to make sure my transient settings are initialized, which binding do I use on “Song->OnLoad”? Will “Song->Reset” also reset all racks in the song or do I need to use “Engine->Reset All”?

@brad - can you clarify?




Hey @Torsten

The Song -> Reset binding just resets the song’s states (ie: it doesn’t affect any referenced racks).
The Engine -> Reset All binding resets the song, all referenced racks, sends note off and controller resets to external hardware.

Neither of these bindings are really the recommended way to reset your racks when switching songs. Rather you should just select the first state in the song and turn on the Reset option in any racks you want reset.

eg: first state selected + reset option in the rack slot turned on.




Hm, it’s not clear to me yet :slight_smile:
So when I alter a setting in a song (rack gain f.e;), I get the dot next to the song list, so it’s altered.
How can I reset this? (I don’t have states for most of my songs)
Can I connect a hotkey to it, so I can reset that song f.e. ctrl+R ? )


Hi @brad

I get this, but in a number of my songs, I use linked states - like Verse 1 - Chorus 1 - Verse 2 - Chorus 2 etc. When I reset my racks in Verse 1, they get reset again in Verse 2, etc.

So there are only two options:

  • Insert a “reset” state before Verse 1 and then either manually (red button) or automatically (delayed “song load” binding) advance to Verse 1
  • Use Engine-> Reset All as a brute-force instrument

Since Engine->Reset All doesn’t seem to do anything I don’t want at the beginning of a song, it looks like a pretty clean option. Or am I missing something? Is it doing something I might not want?




Hey Sven

take a look at the guide on State Reset here.




Thx Torsten,

Yes, so It’s by the menu, but there’s no hotkey assignable? Is that correct @brad ?

Or is it this hotkey, with error translation? (but it’s in tools and reset ALL ?)
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This is the second example I’ve seen of a situation where we really want to use linked states, but there’s one thing that we need to override to be different. In this case the song reset flag on a state. The other example is one I keep hitting, where I want to use linked song states for different sections of a song, but need different show notes (and everything else identical). Typical and very common example would be different lyrics for multiple verses.

I wonder if there’s any scope for being able to have an override capability for linked states, @brad? Third state behaviour column, for behaviours that override the link? The column could be disabled for non-linked states.



Yep, I’m aware of this issue with linked states but haven’t really sat down to think through what a good solution might be. Leave it with me, logged it.

Current thought is not to allow arbitrary state behaviour control over this (but open to it if we think it’s really necessary). I think simpler would be to simply have linked states always maintain separate rack reset and show note settings.



Hi @So_Godly,

Ah, that’s an oversite - forgot to include the State menu commands in the hot keys options. Will be fixed in the next build like so:




That would do the trick, I think. Can’t immediately think of any other things that would need to be separate.



Hi @brad,

here’s another little annoyance with this approach:

  • I created a song with a number of referenced racks, for the moment with one state only
  • I tick the “reset” box for all referenced racks so they get reset when loading this song
  • Now I create a new state from the first state - e.g. to have a different sound for the ending
  • This means that I now need to deselect the “reset” box for all racks, since everything gets copied from state 1

My preferred behavior would be for all “select” boxes to be cleared automatically for linked racks when creating a new state (or at least to have an option in settings or a MessageBox “do you want to clear reset flags?”

How about this?




Hey @Torsten

Made two changes for the next build.

  1. Creating a new state now automatically clears the reset flag on all racks

  2. New commands as follows:



@brad, there’s still a key not assigned:


Hey @So_Godly

No default hot key for this, but you can click the Add button and then “State - Reset Current State” and type a key.



Thx, I meant that the english translation (keyword) is missing :slight_smile:
I guess this function is to reset a song to it’s initial state as loaded from the file?


Does the Reset work on non states also Brad, I thought that with the new functionality all songs by default had an initial (hidden) state?


Ah, sorry. I see now. Fixed for next build.

It’s function is to load the reset behaviours for the song and all referenced racks as described here.

Yes, reset works without using states. No there’s not an initial hidden state. Reset works by you explicitly capturing certain settings by right clicking in the states panel and choosing “Capture Defaults for Reset”. When you then reset, those captured defaults are restored.


Thx Brad !
So in other words, there’s no way to reload the initial status as the song was loaded from the file, at startup? Except by working with states?


It seems that Brad is referring to the “State Behavior” Panel where you right-click and select “Capture Defaults for Reset” after selecting an input or output or plugin. That menu item appears whether or not you have created any states. I haven’t tried it yet, though.



The closes thing to this would be File -> Revert but that only revert the current file you’re editing, not the song and all it’s linked racks. Also it’s a reload operation which can be slow.

Just to clarify why this is implemented the way it is… the main issue here is that most racks are configured to auto save when they’re closed. So resetting to a state where the file was loaded is generally not what you want. Rather you typically need to explicitly state how you want certain settings to be reset and then even if settings are modified and the rack saved, you’re not overwriting those explicitly captured reset settings.

That’s correct.