Cloned Song States and Show Notes

I was just reading the old thread on Song Reset options Song Reset question and I’m wondering if that feature will fix this issue? I know others have mentioned it but I didn’t find a solution.

When I linked/clone a song state, the show notes are linked too. For example I clone Verse 1 state to make Verse 2’s state. Now I want to change the Show notes for Verse 2 lyrics… can’t do it since that changes State 1 notes.

I just loaded Build 3630, and thought maybe there would be option in something like a Song State Behavior to unlink the notes, but I can’t find anything…all my Song States don’t have any Song State Behavior… the panel is blank… but of course when I click an object I have State Behavior panels for Racks, plugins input etc. And now I’m starting to wonder if Song states ever had a behavior panel. Did they before, is this a bug I’m experiencing, or is my memory just faulty (which happens all too frequently of late!) ?

Anyway, I’d like to find a simple solution for this. Currently I simply go to the song state I wnat to clone and create a new one, so it’s unlinked, and change/hide notes as I need.

Yep, that’s the thing about cloned states - any change you make to them gets copied to any clone. That’s the nature of the beast. If you want to change something, you’ll need to create a new “un-cloned” state and make your edits.

There is currently no “unlink” command to turn a cloned state into a “stand-alone” one - the only way to do that is the one you described (select it and create a new one). This is a bit fiddly when changing a state somewhere in the middle of a longer state list (need to move the new copy up to the original position after creating it), so a new command to “un-clone” a state would be a convienience. Not super-high priority, but helpful. @brad - how about it?



+1 for a un-clone command.

  • Paul

Thanks Torsten. Brad, FWIW, I think many of us would be happy if we could somehow unlink just the Show Notes. I certainly would be. Show notes are such an important function, and linked clones are crucial too… but the current behavior makes linked clones unusable for many of us, I would think. You’re forced to make a difficult decision as a gigging musician… when playing a new song, do I want to have Show Notes so I don’t mess up the lyrics or a part… or do I want to be able to adjust my instrument’s sound later for that Song State, spending unnecessary time changing each affected State (and probably making a mistake somewhere). Typically I opt for the former.

Just my .02! That said, C3 still reigns supreme!