Some pc tech advice wanted, ram sodimm, ssd

Hi guys,

I just bought a Acer Nitro, wish me luck :wink:

At this price, 899€ it has a cpu benchmark score of 12444. My current laptop is at 7800 somehow.
Nice graphics card, lit keyboard, ssd 128 and 1tb hd.
I thought I had a good deal?
What is your opinion on this system? (I can always return it LOL :wink: )

Now I will want to add 8Gb of ram at least, so some questions

  • can I mix different sodimm speeds and size? Or do they need to come in pairs?
  • Would it be possible to switch my other SSD 256 from my laptop without hassle? I think 128 is just not enough for windows and programs?

Thanks for your help.

I can tell you the Acer Nitro is reliable, my son bought one for gaming 2 years ago, he travels all over with it and nothing has broken yet. His came with 16GB RAM.

  1. You need a pair of matching SODIMMs
  2. You could clone the existing drive with Macrium Reflect free version - 1TB 1.2 NVMe drives aren’t too expensive. We decided to only replace the 2nd drive (HDD) with a 1TB Samsung EVO 860.

I like the specs - I’m thinking about a very similar Nitro (slightly different config, similar price). Can you run Latency Mon on it and post the results?

I’ve had a great experience so far with an older model of the Nitro, but very bad experience with another gaming laptop (that one built by HP) - can’t get that one anywhere near decent DPC latency performance…

Would be great if you could share that!

Re RAM: I would always pair identical RAM modules; had bad experience with mixing (even same capacity but different vendor).

Switching SSD: if it’s just about size, you could create an image copy of the original SSD from the Nitro and copy it to your 256GB drive - Tools like Acronis True Image can do that. Swapping your original SSD to the new system with the old data on it will most likely create a mess due to driver and configuration issues.



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Thx for the help!
I’ll share the results later this week when I’m configuring it.
It should be delivered tomorrow.
Santa :santa: time :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Ok running some test:

Passmark scores (I don’t know which one is a good benchmark)
CPU 11668
2D 808
3D 6706
Memory 2131
Disk 2842
Total score 4377.4

Hi Sven,

this machine should be able to handle quite some plugs with low latency at a time.

Both of my laptops have i7 4702mq‘s inside with a passmark of about 7000. I‘m running at 128 samples latency and cpu hogs like diva or serum are not a problem here. Usually lots of layering and intense sample based content.

Yours is a real 6 core (mine are 4 cores) so my expectation would be slightly more performance on single core plugins but 50-60% on plugins with multi core support or the number of layerings should be possible.

Good luck, humphrey

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I’m cleaning the system up this week. I already started copying plugins and samples

Hm, I’m going for the Lenovo I think.
It’s 9th gen intel, has bigger HD and extra ram here.

Hmm, once you get into that price region, it might be worth looking at a custom audio laptop. da-x in Berlin are building laptops specifically for audio use starting in that price-range. And these guys really know what they are doing in the audio space…

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still a bit pricy I think

Yes, if you go with the pro audio notebook. But the “standard” audio notebook is pretty good, and in a more affordable price range. Contrary to what is displayed on the overview, the “standard” notebook also comes with a 6-core processor ( i7-8750H), so should have plenty of horsepower.



Sven, closer to where you are:

I’ve purchased 2 custom made audio laptops there! Very happy with them! Cheaper than da-x! And they offer way more options (and faster SSDs).

If you need help putting one together pm me!

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Just checked - my current dream machine would be 15", i9!!! 8 core/16 thread, 32G Ram and 1T Ultrafast SSD … only 3028 euros :slight_smile:

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Puh…if you would buy those things for a desktop PC it will be way cheaper. Of course its bigger (not too much though). But costs under 1000€.

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Indeed very good systems for reasonable price ! Thx Tom !
Think I’m going for this one

#### X•BOOK 15X981


- 15,6 inch Full-HD (1920x1080) mat IPS beeldscherm
- Intel Core i7-9750H Processor (6 Cores, 12 Threads, 2.60GHz, max. 4.50GHz) 
- NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 met 4GB GDDR5
- Verlicht multi-color AZERTY-toetsenbord (Belgisch)

#### Geheugen

Geheugenslot 1

8GB DDR4 (2400MHz), BTO Selected geheugen

Geheugenslot 2

8GB DDR4 (2400MHz), BTO Selected geheugen

#### Opslag

M.2 SSD slot 1

256GB, PCIe NVMe 3.0 x4 SSD, BTO selected (Gigabyte), 1200MB/s-800MB/s

Harddisk / SSD slot 3

1000GB (1TB) 7200RPM 2.5 inch harddisk (7mm) (ST1000LM049)

#### Extra's


Intel Wireless-AC 9462 (802.11ac 2.4/5GHz, 433Mbps) + Bluetooth 5.0

#### Garantie


2 jaar carry-in garantie

Very nice ! (sorry dutch review )

If you guys don’t mind, what would you consider to be a good selection on the lower end of the price range?

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I’ve got this bto laptop for 1222€.
24gb ram, i7 9gen 6 cores, 256 ssd 1Tb hd 7200 speed.

I think it’s a very fair deal.

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I guess my new BTO config laptop isn’t so bad :slight_smile: