Some Information about KORG KLC plugins

Dear community,

just wanted to share some information I got last days concerning KORG KLC plugins.

I did some testing on the known authorization problems and in parallel contacted the german KORG support (Mr. Hinz - a really polite and competent person btw) to clearify things. Here is what I can tell:

  1. Use of KLC plugins on more than one computer: the license is meant to be used by one person at a time. This definitely means: KLC plugs may be installed on more than one computer at the same time. No need for a separate license for each machine.

  2. The number of re-issues is limited to 10 and controlled by KORG!! This was completely new for me. So please be careful here even though KORG tends to handle these things in a more customer friendly way if one can offer a proper explanation.

  3. Authorization issues: the locking-code is based on a checksum that references on hardware-components and installed OS. Responsible hardware-components are CPU, RAM, GPU and all sorts of network-adapters. In my case this explained authorization issues as I could tear it down to the WLAN adapter: when generating the locking-code the WLAN adapter makes a part of the checksum leading to the corresponding authorization code. Each time I disabled this adapter the plugins authorization code failed. After reactivating everything was fine again. So as a hint: don’t try to re-issue like I did (meanwhile I have used 8 re-issues for wavestation). Just keep the latest authorization code stored on your drive and use this if the authorization should fail.

  4. Next hint is how to get around the WLAN issue (disabling network-adapter is something I use nearly every day due to safety- and latency aspects): during first authorization or re-issue do an offline-authorisation. Most important: turn off ethernet- and WLAN-adapters in device manager during this process (I know: it’s a bit cumbersome but worth it to my mind). Additional hint from Mr. Hinz: do installation process with admin privileges active. The advantage: even network adapters now are not included in the generation process of locking code the plugin obviously doesn`t take notice now if adapters are active or not. So: no authorisation errors here since.

To whom it may concern…

Kind regards, humphrey

btw: if necessary I can also share the e-mail dialog with german KORG department if someone is interested, written in german language though…


That is a terrific help, Humphrey! I have the full KLC suite and was worried about this development. Fortunately, I did not (and never do) have the WiFi enabled when I did the initial installation. (I’ve always heard the WiFi drivers were the worst offenders at causing latency issues, as they take over the system quite sporadically.)

Now I know the real deal! :slight_smile: