Sneak Peek - Tempo LEDs

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I’ve been waiting for an Arduino project to get my feet wet. This one is probably it.

Very timely Brad!
I will be looking forward to using this temp flash on my Korg nanoKontrol. :slight_smile:

Dave_C where would the flash show on the nanoKontrol? If I’m thinking about this right, is it that we can send a midi message based on tempo, and then if the device can receive to trigger LED/Color on the device, we could see the tempo?

I was just looking at the nanoKontrol (don’t have one yet) but don’t see where the tempo could be flashed. But it did get me thinking - I have an Akai Advance with color assignable pads. I’d have to look and see if I can send to them, but if I can, it would be awesome to have a running bar/bear display right on my keyboard!

This will be useful for the guys in the band, though I’m not sure how I will implement it.

At the moment I have controllers that fire off a number of countdown cue lights, based on Timeline positions, for entry/exit points - an additional tempo display would complement this nicely.

Hello Rich @richmn.
I’m tied up this weekend, but give me a day or two and I will post details of how I got the Temp LED feature experimentally working on my nanoKontrol.

In a nutshell I had to convert bit data to decimal data and then create bindings in Cantabile to transmit MIDI CC data to the nanoKontrol to activate the button LEDs.

In the mean time you may want to read Brad’s blog of how he integrated it with an Arduino. There is useful information here that is needed to understand the bit structure for beat number and time signature.

Stay tuned.


Hey Guys,

The Tempo LEDs binding was really intended to be sent to a microcontroller that can decode the value and handle the timing to turn off the LED between beats to make it flash.

Let me know if there’s anything I can add to simplify what you’re trying to do here which sounds like you’re trying to map more directly to a CC controlled LED.


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Hi Brad,

I put up a new Topic nanoKontrol with Tempo LEDs
This describes the work-around I went through to make Tempo LEDs work on my nanoKontrol. It might help you think about a simplified process for CC controlled LED controllers in the future, when your not too overloaded. :wink:

Thanks again,

For anyone wanting to bind a simple tempo flasher directly to CC controlled LED, next build of Cantabile will have three new bindings:

  • Beat Flasher (flashes on non-downbeat beats)
  • Measure Flasher (flashes on the downbeat)
  • Beat or Measure Flasher (flashes on all beats)

These are two value source bindings which mean they toggle value to turn the LED on and off.

eg: this will flash two indicators one for the downbeat, the other for the other beats…

Will be available Available now in build 3682.


Could you use those bindings to send sysex…


Thanks so much Brad! and such a quick reply to my last post.

I just tried build 3682, and it works beautifully with my nanoKontrol. All that brain-storming I did with Tempo LEDs, can now be replaced with this simple Beat, Measure flasher.

Just a quick question. What is the pulse length of the flash blinks set to? And is there a way to adjust this? Although it really does looks good the way it is blinking at the moment.

It kinda reminds me of my Jupiter 6 that I once owned, with lots of blinking LED lights.

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It’s hard coded to 100ms - same as the regular tempo flasher in Cantabile itself.