Small themes request

I’m finding that for some songs where I have many song states, and I’m stepping through these quite quickly (every few bars in some cases), it’s really important for me to be able to quickly glance at the Cantabile UI while playing to check the current state name. This is shown nicely in the ticker bar; however it would be great if we could adjust the colour of the ticker bar text to make it stand out in those 200 millisecond glances! Being able to separately control the song and state text colours (active and inactive) via theme entries would be incredibly useful! I’ve looked through the theme files, and I haven’t been able to find any entries that look like ticker bar entries.


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Hi Neil,

I’m in exactly the same situation: since I’ve reduced my setup to just one keyboard, I need to switch states frequently and quickly. Can I suggest an alternative approach for on-stage orientation: why not use the show notes with variables to display the current song state? I’ve turned off the ticker bar for my Live View - much happier with creating my own layout and coloring with show notes. I’ve simply inserted notes with $(State) and $(NextState) into this layout - no need to customize per state:

The only state-specific show notes are the specific comments (set in white in my layout).

Since I have my Cantabile screen on a little 7’’ monitor on my keyboard, I need a simple layout in large type that I can see at a glance - like a hardware synth display. This way, I can see easily if I’m in the right song and in the right part, plus any specifics around controller assignments, guitar selection, etc.




Great idea Torsten, I’m going to do that! A nice little custom status area at the top of the show notes does the job! Nice idea also to have the reminder about that slider, and the current time.


@Neil_Durant Does Torsten’s suggestion cover it for you for now?

Yes thanks Brad - support for this via themes would be the lowest of the low priority nice-to-haves :relaxed: