Show me your Cantabile Rig!


I finally got round to taking a photo of the rehearsal rig.
Of particular note is the mini ball head on the mic boom at the top of the image. It’s my top tip to help position a mic. You just need a thread adapter to two.


Nice! I’ve been planning to incorporate the FBC1010 into my rig. How do you like it??


"Your eyes can deceive you, don’t trust them."
It’s a Roland FC300.
It’s pretty good. It has 2 banks for the pedals but I have them set the same just in case I switch banks by accident.
Some I have set to latched, other momentary. I should probably have them all momentary and then use C3 to make them behave as latched when needed.
The top row are all for its bank selection or for C3 state selection so in effect it’s 5 pedals and 2 expressions for me to get creative with.
I have a tap tempo setup in the background rack for the far left pedal.
The left expression pedals has started to get a couple of jitters in its output but only noticeable when looking at the numbers rather than listening.


Oh crud- right lol remarkable how similar they are at a glance. The Roland has a better footprint though I bet. Are you using any of its internal MIDI programming functionality or do you let Cantabile handle everything via bindings?


I am surprised The Roland or Behringer have no USB connection for MIDI.


I don’t think USB would be any good with the hardware (mostly gtr fx) they expect you to use them with. There would have to be proprietary drivers. Where it would make a ton of sense though would be to connect to computers for programming via editor. Do they really not support that?


There are two editors for the Behringer FCB1010. They work via Sysex, it seems.



ahhh Sysex … an unexpected double entendre :grin:


I was just mentioning on another forum how back in the very early nineties I tried to get SYSEX as my license plate, but Connecticut wouldn’t allow it…

(Yes, I was seriously into MIDI back then!)



If you had gone for SYS-EX you probably would have got it :wink:
I remember getting Cakewalk 3 (for DOS, of course) to upload patches via sysex to my keyboards for the first time. Just an indescribable geek high lol


Used SysEx to load custom patches one at a time into Roland vintage synth expansion rack mount from my tower pc with soundblaster pci card I had loaded into an old anvil rackmount case with wheels! Ah the 90’s! Still have the module in working order.



They probably couldn’t put a hyphen on a license plate then. I used sysex a hell of a lot back then. I also geeked out with it like many others.[quote=“FredProgGH, post:126, topic:633”]
I don’t think USB would be any good with the hardware (mostly gtr fx) they expect you to use them with

I would think that, except Line 6 pedals have USB connections for MIDI


Yeah, but unless you’re using usb for functionality beyond MIDI what’s the point?


Many audio interfaces do not have midi cable ins or outs. So, if I want to use my pedal board to change states in C3, I could only get a midi signal into my laptop thru usb. I assume these pedals are also made for keyboards since they have 1/4 inch plugs out to keyboard sustain. Also, many midi keyboard controllers are only being made with usb midi. I like midi cables much better than usb cables, but it seems they are slowly being phased out. I understand the hardware thing, just found it strange in this “usb” world, there wasn’t a connection for it.


Nice Rig

Good to see somebody else also using a Roland FC300 - the Swiss Army knife of foot controllers and built like a tank! I’d be lost without mine. In Welsh Floyd I also had external pedals/foot controllers going into it in addition to the built in ones.


If you have a Roland VG-99 (most don’t) you can plug the FC300 in the VG-99, the VG-99 into a PC, and use the VG-99 editor to program the FC300.


Cool … if you have a VG99…

One of the problems with the FC300 is that I have never found an editor for it, even for simply reordering programs. When I get five minutes, I will write one myself.


I try to keep it as simple as possible on the FC300 and do everything in C3. It’s the same with the keyboard; it’s seriously configurable with buttons even being able to send notes. But as with the pedals the only thing I have setup is whether they they are latched or momentary.



Love the DMC 122. Would love to have one. Did the stand come with it, or did you buy it separately? Was really focusing in on the laptop stand.


The stand was separate but they do do something similar as an add on…
Mine is a K&M 18950.
Which takes a lot of accessories including the excellent laptop stand.
And the boom is a boon (sorry about that) because if you a have pedals underneath a regular mic stand has to have a long reach.