Show me your Cantabile Rig!


I use an X type stand with a 2nd tier attachment and laptop/mic attachment on my small gig rig. The bad part is the X stand will shake when I play, so mic is not an option (bumping noise) and laptop shakes so the fear of it falling comes into play. I have something like your K & M for larger venues, but it is really too large for the small places.


Here’s mine. There are 6 power bricks at the bottom of this rack, and a 13 port powered USB hub. I have a snake that takes the HDMI, 5 USB ports, 12V, and backup audio for the piano. The back of the rack needs a bit of a tidy up, and I need to extend the ADAT outputs to the back panel.

Powered speakers plug in to the back for both power and audio, so I just need a single power socket.

I had the little digital amp anyway and it fitted in nicely. I can use that to run some JBL control 1s I already have, for a monitor for example.

When with the band, I plug Inputs in the front of the rack, and outputs at the back.
When at home, I plug everything into the back, so the front is tidy.

There’s also a network switch/WiFi access point in the rack.


Sweet! We do our first show of the new season here in Chattanooga tomorrow night. Then, Quebec in two weeks. I’ll post a stage pic after the gig… it will be my first time on stage with Cantabile am I’m feeling 100% confident.


Chattanooga to Quebec!
Bit of a trip between gigs, even by choo choo!


Fred, where are you playing in Quebec? I was in Quebec City a few weeks ago for a gig - we had a really great time!



I took a few pictures of my rig at my last gig, which I thought I’d post. One showing the keyboards and Cantabile display, and a few of the rather messy inside of my synth rack. I’m in the process of tidying all that wiring with cable ties and labels, to make it neater and more manageable.



We’re playing the Terra Incognita festival in Quebec City. I bet it’s probably the same venue… a converted church? Amazing place. We played there two years ago and I think it might be the best crowd ever.


Ah, the Terra Incognita festival - you’re right, nice venue! But I’ve never played there. We were at la Salle Jean-Paul-Tardif, which is very red and velvetty:


Ohhh, that is nice. Quebec rocks.


Got too busy to get a shot closer to gig time- this venue is coffee house by day and for shows they strike the tables and put in about 300 seats. We had a home-town sell out which is always a great boost for the morale. Cantabile performed flawlessly apart from one quick instance of user error which I was able to correct before anyone really heard it. Smoothest show I’ve ever played from a technical end since the days of just having a buttload of keyboards :smiley:


Fantastic, Fred!! Great to hear it all went flawlessly. And congratulations on the sell out :smiley:


Looks great Fred !! I particularly liked the “critter” monitoring your laptop.


That is Star the Chameleon! I bought her for my step-daughter (who is, as of this week my adopted daughter!!) the first time I left her to go play a gig up in PA. She’s now a mascot and goes along to all the shows. :wink:

BTW it happens at EVERY gig and this one was no exception: Someone will come up afterwards and ask “Dude! How do you get that organ sound out of a DX-7??!!” :smiley:


Thanks for the look Fred, it’s great looking and reminds me of my first big setup in the late 70’s. How many keyboards did you have in your largest setup?



Hmmm… Hammond CV, Wurly piano, MemoryMoog, MiniMoog, Prophet 600 and little Casio CZ101. And from time to time there would have been a borrowed Pro-One in there. Don’t think I ever went beyond about 6 at one time… so I haven’t reduced that much I guess lol But having a rig based around a Hammond and other old analog keyboards always looks massive. I miss that- you know how guitarists will have a bank of 16 dummy Marshall stacks and a Vox actually live behind them? I want that! Let’s start making big dummy replica keyboards. I want my actual rig surrounded by about 32 inflatable keyboards.


Wish granted!!


Good for those pool parties too!


Use the inflatables, get a bleached wig and a sparkled jump suit, and do an Edgar Winter tribute. Loop “Frankenstein” on C3.


That, or do Gary Wright and Dreamweaver…


Looks good Fred, what are the keys on the right? I am looking for a good master controller, so am looking for options/opinions.