Show me your Cantabile Rig!


Hi Terry, its a solid stand and with being over 6`, I needed the height. Not the cheapest stand around, but they are built very well and all the legs and arms fold into itself, so its self contained and I like that for a quick setup. On the bottom tier I normally have the K2600x and also a small mixer on the synth, and still solid. You puddy cats would have to be heavy weights to tip it over…lol The laptop stand is great and I have the mic boom, but don’t really use that much these days.


What the next question gonna be?

Show me your favorite evening dress?


Don’t start something you cannot stop… :sweat_smile:



Bring it on Hahaaaaaaaaaaa


And then the conversation stopped :joy:




Nice setup, Juergen! What’s the stuff in the rack?


Very nice. I was curious about the rack as well.


It is a Voicelive Rack and a Behringer X32 Rack Mixer
I was very sad about vst instruments and Dropouts.
The result >> i dont need more bad surprises i go back to the roots :wink:
Real Instruments and a nearly real Mixer.

The Mixer works independent also when my Surface sleeps​:joy::joy:
(But also there is a USB Audio Interface Card Inside 1250€ for this
32 Channel-Mixer and Audiointerface …Perfect!)

But i can use the Surface via Ethernet wire to connect the Mixer App

I only use Cantabile as the Brain and Central in Null Audio Mode

Very cool in Version 3.0 …i Love it



Aha! The X32 is a great bit of kit, and amazing value. My band uses one for in-ear monitoring.


Fully agree.
My initial idea was also to create the dream setup with prefect keyboard and soundcard in 1 machine. But these days I only want a stable PC and lightweight portable keyboard that I can change anytime when I want to.
Modular and flexible. I can create stuff on my desktop pc, sync it to my laptop and it’s ready for stage. I can do this from many places I like.


First gig with my new rack. And everything fits nicely in the coffin :wink:
Just need to paint the wooden parts with our logo…


Nicely concealed display! :wink:


cool idea !
what kinda music do you guys play?


Here you go… nothing fancy at all, just 4 controllers and a laptop! The idea on this rig is to go anywhere and ask for 4 controllers and two stands in the rider and be ready to play- I just show up with the laptop and my audio/MIDI interface.


In this band we play mostly party/rock covers.
In my normal band we play some more fun music, but all cover songs. We are to different to create our own songs :wink:


Hehe great !
Even a D-50 and Ensoniq (?)
How do you use the old midi controllers via usb?



They’ve been making MIDI to USB converters for quite some time. I still have one made by Turtle Beach. Also, many audio interfaces now have MIDI in and out. I still use my EMU Proteus keyboard I bought in the early 1990’s in one of my rehearsal rooms using the MIDI input on my audio interface.


When getting keyboards supplied to me at shows, I found that bringing a 4 port USB interface took care of any possible connection issues. Also solved the old port/naming issue which is now, thankfully, addressed by aliases in C3.