Show me your Cantabile Rig!


I also use a 4 port USB interface occasionally for the same situations. I still find MIDI connections more reliable than USB, but they are slowly fading into the past.


Hubs being what they are, I sincerely hope that midi interfaces don’t disappear!
Last time I looked I had 4 x 8x8 MTP AVs, 2 x MIDIMan 4x4 Midisports and 2 x MIDEX 8x8s!
Just reminds me of how much hardware used to be attached!
Thank heavens for VSTi and Cantabile.


I do have a Mirage! But it’s not in that piscture. That is an original DX-7. Owned by our guitar player lol (I would NEVER have bought a DX-7 rofl). I route all the MIDI through a merger so it all goes through a single port on a Focusrite interface. There’s only one USB connection to the laptop for everything. In the past I was having trouble with Windows randomly re-ordering all my ports… Every controller gets set to a discrete channel and voila. So far it’s pretty much bullet proof.


Old timer gear for old timer.


Very nice! Love the JV.


Fully loaded with 8 cards too …


I still use my Voyetra / Turtle beach stuff a lot, even Maple Midi feed it to Cantabile.
For midi work it’s so lite and simple and fast and loads in less than half a second.


I still have my Roland JV 1080. I fire it up occasionally. Still love a lot of the sounds that come out this monster.


My Roland JV 1080 lives in Kontakt now. I keep it at home and just sample what I need (and apply effects etc. in Cantabile). Same as my D50. Both great bits of kit that have lasted the test of time.


Bits started falling off my D50. The old timers are gettin’ a bit brittle in the pastic department.
Not long after I started using Cantabile 2 I pulled a bunch of old keyboards out of storage to use as midi controllers.
First rehearsal a key snapped of a DX7 Mk2, 3 keys collapsed on an SY77 and the pitch lever got stuck on the D50.
Apart from that, it was great. Ha HA!


I’ve had 2 D-50s over the years and they still have one at the church I play in and those things are tanks! Never an issue. For that matter, my Mirage is still going string too, no problems with the floppy drive ot disks. I’m starting to love that nasty 8 bit sound all over again.

So you have the Vintage Synth card, right! I had the rack expander version of that and it was my secret Mellotron weapon for many years…



I saw some samples of JV 1080 for Kontakt online. I thought many times how nice it would be to to have some of those available for a few things.


Iam always missing my roland fantom x6 damn hard. Some sounds are fine, and I don’t see the need to load 2GB of samples if a 100kB Sound would work, too.
Iam using Korg M1 Legacy VST, but thats makes no sense… using a vst plugin that emulates a 20 years old hardware :-))

I never found a VST where I can have ALL standard sounds available and where these sounds are created from a waveform so that I can edit anything. (ASDR, LFO, …)

There are some Roland Fantom Sample DVDs for Kontakt but they’re terrible.

I also tried “sample robot” to sample the sounds myselfs… mmhh… hard work! I would need month to sample them all.

I think if someone would make a “korg m1” style vst with usable sounds (like a roland fantom x plugin) he would earn the most money.

Maybe someone has an idea for a vst instrument that can “do it all”? I tried omnisphere, but there are not all “standard sounds” which are included in workstation keyboards since 20 years.



Oh, the sounds are in there… you just have to wade through 13,000 of them to find it. I’m SICK of VST ROMplers. I don’t have 2 days a week to audition sounds. I just want simple old fashioned interfaces now where I can program my own stuff.



And out of the 13000…you would maybe find 5 worth using.


Well, that might be a little extreme :grinning: …but it’s too much. I found Atmosphere to be more focused and useful really, but it lacked the FX.


I have a Roland D550 (rack version of the D50) that still sounds amazing.

  • Paul


That logic rather puts into question the idea of piano plugins… :wink:



How do you find the weighted key action on the Casio??


I’ve always liked the touch of this keyboard (purchased about 3 years ago). I have a friend who’s classically trained and typically plays only acoustic pianos. She was impressed by the Casio. The only other fully weighted keyboard I’ve played is a Roland SX-700. It has a different fully weighted feel but I can’t say I like one more than the other.